Recognizing Graduating Seniors: Lydia Fujimura

Lydia Fujimura 2015


Lydia is attending Vanguard University’s Masters of Organizational Psychology program in Costa Mesa California! She hopes to go into organizational conflict resolution involving factors such as self esteem and cultural differences.

Lydia had a hard time nailing down one class as her favorite from her time here at Roanoke. “​Every semester it changes!” she said. “I have taken so many wonderful courses here: the sociology of sex and gender, health illness and healing, the meaning of life, learning, and many others. Since it is still fresh in my mind, I would probably say Learning because Dr. Early conveys the material with both material from the book and good graphs to explain phenomena. I also loved Research Seminar because of the hands-on learning we were able to do. I really liked being able to master the material by actually using software like SPSS and conducting our own research.”

Lydia also worked in Dr. Buchholz’s research lab for 3 semesters and conducted an independent study on investigating the effect of empathy and agency on social mindfulness. Lydia is always cheerful and a pleasure to be around. She is smart and a hard worker.

Good luck, Lydia! We’ll miss you!