TAP: Total Action for Progress


Next week, the Education Job Fair will take place in the Wortmann Ballroom on Wednesday, February 4th from 9am-3pm. One of the many employers that will be on campus that day is TAP: Total Action for Progress.

TAP’s mission is to help “individuals and families achieve economic and personal independence through education, employment, affordable housing, and safe and healthy environments.” TAP’s goal is provide everyone with an equal opportunity for economic development and obtaining the American way of life. TAP offers over 30 different programs for Education & Career Development, Business & Economic Development, and Housing & Community Scholars.

TAP offers many regular entry-level jobs that Psychology, Teacher Licensure Program, Sociology, and Spanish majors would qualify for. There will be a representative at this event for graduating seniors. The representative will be looking to fill positions that teacher licensure candidates many wish to fill. The representative will not be conducting formal interviews, but an informal interview where you can ask more questions about the opportunity and TAP.

It is recommended that you bring your resume along with you to meet the representative. Business attire is not required, however very nice business casual attire is recommended.

Explore the opportunities TAP and many other employers have to offer by visiting their tables on February 4th from 9am-3pm at the Education Job Fair!

For more information,  you can visit their website at http://www.tapintohope.org/

Alyssa Bostrom’s Post-Undergrad Activities

Alyssa Bostrom Rebuilding Together

Alyssa Bostrom, a 2013 Roanoke graduate, has been up to quite a bit since she embarked on her life after Roanoke! The following is her description of these numerous activities:

“I completed 2 AmeriCorps terms with Rebuilding Together Roanoke as a Project Specialist. Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit that provides critical home repairs to low-income homeowners for free. This past year I received the AmeriCorps Member of the Year award from Rebuilding Together for the the 2 terms of service I completed during 2013 and 2014. As of January 2015 I moved to the Denver area in order to pursue a Masters in Christian Leadership with a concentration in the Outdoor at the Denver Seminary. My career goal is to stay in non-profit management and ideally work for an organization that promotes Youth Development and Leadership Development through hands on and service learning. While going to school I am working at OpenWorld Learning a non-profit in Denver that partners with Denver Public Schools and provides an after school program for at risk/low-income elementary and middle school kids.The focus is computer and technology skills. This program along with most of the partnering schools have a bi-lingual English/Spanish curriculum so I am using my BA in Spanish in order to aid in the facilitation of the program and support children who do not speak English as their first language.”


Career Services Workshops for January

Every semester the Office of Career Services (located in the Fowler House, to the right of Fintel library) offers workshops throughout the semester that mainly deal with internships, job searching, and grad school practice exams. Do you need help writing a résumé? Are you unsure what LinkedIn is? Visit these workshops! The Career Services staff are there to help!

Below are the events going on in January.

19              5:30 – 7:00          Résumé Writing – Coming to Life on Paper (bring laptop!)

22              12:00 – 1:00       LinkedIn – A Powerful Networking/Job & Internship Search Tool (bring laptop!)

26              5:30 – 7:00          Networking & Internships – Who Knows You, & How Can They Help

28              4:00 – 5:30          Etiquette in the Workplace (West 210)

The Psychology Department Mourns The Passing of Alum, Courtney King

“Courtney was a ray of sunshine, but don’t let that fool you, she had a feisty side! Her bright smile, beautiful personality, and kind heart will forever remain in our hearts. Courtney fought some hard battles during her short time on this earth, but she was not a complainer. If anything, she took care of others! After finishing her BA in Psych at RC, she completed her Masters at Liberty. Courtney loved her friends, her sorority sisters,  and of course, her family. To know her was to love her. We are thankful that we had the opportunity to interact with such a wonderful person. May we all take inspiration from Courtney.” ~Dr. Denise Friedman, Department Chair


Courtney (right) pictured with one of her sorority sisters, Molly (left).

Carilion Clinic Career Focus Dinner

November 6, 4:30-7pm

Location: off-campus site TBD

Large health care organizations offer a variety of opportunities for employment, internships, and research to students in many majors – Business, social sciences, and healthcare related fields. Come and hear from one of our local health care systems – Carilion Clinic – about such opportunities, as this could be useful in looking for similar settings in other locations. Registration is required by Thursday, October 30, through Career Services. This program takes place off-campus and includes dinner at no cost. Rides are available if desired or needed. For more information, contact Career Services.

For more information contact: Toni McLawhorn (540) 375-2303

What actor is your professor?

Dr. Allen: Helena Bonham Coato
Dr. Buchholz: Daniel Craig
Dr. Camac: Jamie Lee Curtis
Dr. Day: Cate Blanchett
Dr. DeMarce: Liv Tyler
Dr. Early: Richard Gere
Dr. Friedman: Jennifer Lawrence
Prof. Friedman: Vince Vaughn
Dr. Lynch: Meryl Streep
Dr. Nichols: Jim Parsons
Prof. Nichols: Julia Roberts
Dr. Osterman: Louis Ck
Dr. Pranzarone: Robert Deniro
Dr. Shenal: Hugh Laurie
Dr. Whitson: Michael Caine

Recognizing Graduating Senior – Tayler Kiser

Tayler Kiser


Tayler is one of the brightest students to come through the RC psychology department in recent years though many may not know that because of her quiet and unassuming nature. She has been focused on working in the Library Sciences for years and her opportunity will be coming soon with successful acceptance into graduate school.” ~ Dr. David Nichols, Academic Advisor

We opened the suggestion box and here’s what you had to say:

“Put a trash can in the student lounge.” Done. Yay! I am glad we got one easy one.

“Add a forensic psychology class.” This is not the first time we have heard this request. We currently have two grads working the FBI and another interning with Homeland Security. Given the growing popularity of this subfield, we are looking into whether we add forensic psychology as a special topics course. We will talk to other interested disciplines and examine professor expertise and the current courses offered to see if it can fit. We also have to get approval from administration.

“Add a class on romantic relationships as people like to learn about themselves.” We have discussed adding classes on emerging adulthood (18-25) and romantic relationships. It is likely this will happen in the next few years as we are looking to expand the psychology faculty which will allow those of us with that expertise to teach these special topic courses. Of course, we have balance these classes with requirements so you can graduate!

“Demand more respect from other science departments.” We get it. Psychology is a science but is not always recognized or respected as such. We are proud of student and faculty accomplishments and are proud to note that we are to be included in the new science center complex. It is said that respect is earned, but we know stereotypes and preexisting biases make it hard to change opinions. We will continue to work hard and celebrate successes. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them!

“Add a minor in special education.” While we can cover special education topics in some of our classes, we are not an education department. The school has to meet certain accreditation standards and faculty have to have a certain expertise to teach specific classes. We can certainly talk about special education issues as they are relevant to learning, development, etc., but we are not the right department for starting a minor or concentration. Talking to education would a good start.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Please note we are working hard to serve your needs and always want to hear your voice. We have certain limitations that we have to work inside of but if we don’t know what you want, we can’t even try to make it happen.

Departmental Kudos – Dr. Friedman



Dr. Friedman pictured with Carolyn Miesen and Jessica Gladfelter, members of her research lab

Students Comments:

“Dr. Friedman has gone above and beyond as my advisor! She inspires me to be the best I can.”

“Dr. Friedman has had a lot to manage this semester and has been great at it. She is an amazing chair.”

“Dr. Friedman and Dr. Buchholz are super supportive and helpful. :)”

Alum Breanna Wright Accepted to PhD Program at Stony Brook University



Breanna Wright received a full assistantship and summer compensation to attend Stony Brook University where she will pursue a PhD in Political Science. Breanna is specifically interested in political psychology which she was the focus of her honors in the major project. Dr. Friedman and Breanna are preparing her honors paper for publication now.

Psych students elected to PBK

“Founded in 1776 by students at the College of William and Mary, Phi Beta Kappa is recognized as the oldest, largest and most prestigious honor society in the nation. PBK’s main objective is to emphasize the importance of a liberal arts and sciences while also recognizing those who strive for excellence in academics.” This year, the psychology department had several students selected to join the ranks of PBK.

Congratulations to:

Elizabeth Evans

Nikki Hurless

Lauren Kennedy

Tayler Kiser

Dana Averill

We are proud of your accomplishments!

Recognizing Graduating Senior – Carolyn Miesen

Carolyn Miesen

“Carolyn is the ultimate achiever! You rarely see one person juggle so much so successfully. She traveled abroad to study in Australia and came back with a passion for research. Balancing research in two domains, she accomplished more in a year than most do in 4 years. I anticipate she will have her first manuscript under review before graduation! I know she will thrive in the masters program at JMU.” – Academic Advisor & Research Mentor, Dr. Denise Friedman


The votes are in…You named the psych faculty superhero alter egos as

Dr. Allen: God

Dr. Buchholz: Spiderman

Dr. Camac: WonderWoman

Dr. Day: Rogue

Dr. DeMarce: Electra

Dr. Early: Captain America

Dr. Friedman: Hulk

Prof. Friedman: IronMan

Dr. Lynch: Black Widow

Dr. Nichols: Inspector Gadget

Prof. Nichols: BatGirl

Dr. Osterman: CatWoman

Dr. Pranzarone: AquaMan

Dr. Shenal: BatMan

Dr. Whitson: Thor

Check back later for our superhero picture.

Carolyn Miesen Accepts Graduate School Offer at JMU


Carolyn Miesen was accepted to four graduate programs! She elected to attend the Masters of Science in Psychology program with a quantitative concentration at James Madison University. Carolyn received a graduate assistantship where she will be working for the Psychology Department and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies.

Congrats, Carolyn! We could not be prouder of your accomplishments.

Our New Psi Chi Inductees AY 2013-2014

DSC_4141Congratulations to our new inductees:

Christy Blevins                         

Marie Isoe

Rachel Capps

Shannon O’Neill

Laura Cox

Joanna Peders

Holly Craft

Brandy Plouff

Christina DeRito

Leigha Schimmoeller

Natalie Dixon

Mackenzie Slater

Alexandra Ekirch

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Ellis

Lauren Stone

Mariam Foster

Lauren Thomason

Alexandra Grant

Grace Vandegrift

Leslie Grimes

Laura Wood

Also pictured: Faculty Advisor, Dr. Lindsey Osterman


My Psychology Internship by Kati Hurt

I interned at Carilion Behavior Health Clinic. During my internship, I was able to observe group therapy sessions. These sessions encompassed a wide range of therapy including expressive arts, cognitive behavior, and reality therapy. I was also able to see how the psychiatric hospital ran and learned more about how mental health clinicians and doctors work to help those in need of this type of treatment. I enjoyed this because my future goal is to become a Licensed Practicing Clinician so the hospital allowed me to see the ‘inside scoop’ of how an everyday tasks and goals are performed on individuals with mental illness. My favorite thing to witness was expressive arts therapy because it allowed for the individuals to express themselves in ways that are unique to them.


Psychology Department Gets a New Chairperson!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Denise Friedman has become the new chairperson for the Department of Psychology.  

Dr. Friedman joined the department in 2007. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Averett University with a B.S. in Psychology. She earned a M.S. (2004) and Ph.D. (2006) from Virginia Tech where she specialized in Developmental and Biological Psychology. She is a member of Alpha Chi and Phi Kappa Phi. Her research interests include cognitive and frontal lobe development from infancy through early adulthood. Her current research program examines the impact of technology on cognitive and social skills.

Dr. Friedman and students interviewed about Facebook jealousy


This story was picked up by tons of national papers and translated into multiple languages! At one point, you got over 15 pages of Google search hits for this interview. The paper is currently under review with 6 student co-authors – Ben Hudson (applying to grad school for I/O in the Fall), Sylis Nicolas (pursuing MS at Oakland University), Molly Howser (obtained Masters in Speech Language Pathology from Radford University and will be working in Frederick County Public Schools starting in 2014), Kristen Lipsett (works at Perkins School for the Blind), Laura Pope (obtained Masters in I/O psychology from Radford University), and Ian Robinson (pursuing doctorate in dentistry at VCU).

How the Dance Party Began (Starring Dr. David Nichols)

Seminar Students Present Posters at the Fall 2012 Psychology Poster Session


Lauren Stinespring, Rita Yoe, Taylor Smiley, and Chava Urecki examined the effects of violent music and gender on aggression.


Courtney McKern, Lauren Miller, Hunter Gentry, and Ben Gilson examined the effects of text format and notetaking strategy on test scores.


Tori Long, Eden Caldwell, Amanda Newman, Brandon Turner and Julia Florea examined the effects of personality and performance evaluation on academic performance.


Emily Gaston, Ginny Keith, Julia Boudrye, and Breanna Wright examined the effects of personality and misattribution of arousal on attraction.


Carmen Graves, Katy Hurst, Alexis Coyne, and Emily Rinker examined the effects of health behavior, natural stimuli, and optimism on willpower.


Yuki Yamazaki, Kristen Robinson, Kacy Dillon, and Hazel Smitson examined the effects of encoding strategy and presentation order on memory for foreign language words.


Cortlandt Halsey, Aldijana Mekic, Noel Weakley, and Jennifer Klenzman examined whether consuming a candy thought to aid or harm recall actually effected recall performance.


Kiel Van Ness, Colleen Weber, Anne Watson and Caroline Casey examined the effects of music and mood on attraction.

The Psi Chi Achievement Award Goes To:


Yuki Yamazaki! Yuki was the VP of Psi Chi this year. As such, she organized a number of events, including service activities and induction.

The Roanoke College Chapter of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in psychology, selects from its membership a student who has best exemplified excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. A gift and certificate are given by Psi Chi.

The Karl Beck Memorial Prize Goes To:


Julia Boudrye. Julia is recognized for her scholarship. She has been a member of Dr. Friedman’s lab and the URAP program for four years. She has presented at a number of conferences, regional and national, has completed research practicums, independent studies, and honors in the major. Additionally, she has served as the lab coordinator for the past year.



Chava Urecki. Chava has been a member of Dr. Buchholz’s lab and the URAP program for the last four years. She has been lab manager for the past two years, conducting her own independent research and overseeing underclassmen. She has presented at several conferences and recently defended her honors thesis!

The faculty selects a psychology major to receive the Karl W. Beck Memorial Prize, which is given for excellence in psychology. The recipient is awarded a prize of money, which is made possible by gifts of friends in memory of the late Dr. Karl W. Beck, professor and first chairperson of the Roanoke College Psychology Department. The recipient’s name is engraved on a plaque which is located in the department reception room.