Honors Defense: Kristi Rolf

Huge congratulations to senior Kristi Rolf who successfully defended her Honors in Psychology project on April 26th!

Kristi Rolf ’23 poses with her presentation after a successful defense

Kristi’s project was titled Sense of Purpose in College Students: Connections with Support and Descriptions of Purpose Development. During the defense, her advisor Dr. Findley Van Nostrand was joined by committee members Dr. Powell and Professor Chapman of the Modern Languages Department.

Kristi will be graduating with honors on May 6th 2023. Congratulations Kristi!

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Honors Defense: Skyler Pokorny

Huge congratulations to senior Skyler Pokorny who successfully defended her honors project on Wednesday April 26th!

Skyler Pokorny ’23 poses with her Honors in Psychology t-shirt after a successful defense

Skyler’s project was titled Experimental Manipulation of Self-Concept Clarity in Emerging Adults. During the defense, Skyler’s project advisor Dr. Findley-Van Nostrand was joined by committee members Dr. Allen and Dr. Berenson of the Religion and Philosophy department .

Skyler will be graduating with honors on May 6th, 2023. Congratulations Skyler!

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Spring ’23 Poster Session

It’s been a busy year as usual for RC Psych! On Thursday April 20th, the Psychology Department took over the first floor of Fintel Library for the Spring 2023 poster session! Students, faculty, and staff from across campus gathered to hear psychology students present their research and experiential learning experiences.

Scroll on for photos from the day and visit us on social media to congratulate our hard-working students!

Fintel Library buzzes with presenters
Seminar students present their project Effect of Mood on Recall: (L to R) Alex Jaklitsch, Anna Arnold, Lindsay Jones, & Haley Patterson, class of 2023.
Seminar students (L to R) Emma Kalinski, Amanda Nakdimen, Noal cheru, & Morgan Micallef present their seminar project titled Heart Rate Variability: Coherence Between Heart Rate and Breathing.
Seniors (L to R) Isabelle Mildonian, Ciara Fadeley, Taelor Quick, & Kynston Boyd present their seminar project titled Increased Desire for socialization with stronger Social Support and higher Need to Belong.
Seniors (L to R) Rhianna Chambers, Skyler Pokorny, Kelsey McCown, & Macallan Bonser present their research, Emerging Adults and Media.
Seniors (L to R) Kosovare Fetinci, Kristi Rolf, Logan Pasley, & Alexis Wright present their study titled Perceptions of Crime & Mental Illness.
Senior Kosovare Fetinci presents her independent study titled Friendship Dissolution and its Impacts.
Senior Lauryn Chappell (second from left) presents a study titled von Restorff Effect: examining perceptual memory recall accuracy of college students to Dr. Carter with team members Pete Nichols (left) and Ameen Oliver (right) .
Senior Morgan Kelly (left) presents her internship experience at H2 Health.
Seniors (L to R) Elayna Jennings, Sariah Steele, Huda Hashash, Maryam Nishtar, and Devin Brown present their study titled Effect of Task Difficulty and Anxiety on HRV.
Senior Selam Mekonnen presents her study titled The Impact of Pluralistic Ignorance on Gender Bias
Dr. Powell and Dr. Allen learn about student research.

It’s been a great year of research and experiential learning for RC Psych! We can’t wait to see how these students apply their skills in the future.

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