RC recognized in the News: What that means in PSYC!

Roanoke was recognized as an A+ school for B students, but we work with and for ALL our students to help them be successful (however you operationalize it).

You may hear us use the term “whole person.” That means we care about you (!), what you have going on currently, your background, your goals in life and work, your health – the whole package.

This article: http://diycollegerankings.com/50-50-highlights-a-schools-for-b-students/8394/, which references the US News and World Report ranking and replicates it, suggest we are a good place for do-it-yourself(ers). I agree!

The truth is we teach you what you need to know to be successful in psychology but also in other ways that are meaningful to you. Check out more on our blog to see how our students (maybe that is or was you and you want to share your story – email us) have succceeded in love, life, and work.

We couldn’t be prouder and love our departmental community!