Scholarship Opportunities

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The American Association of University Women currently has 3 scholarships, one that is $2000 and two that are $1500, that you can apply for!

The scholarships are as follows:

Non-traditional: women who are 21 years or older, and have not previously obtained a bachelor’s degree
Norman & Myrtle Shifflett: women who are pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM)
Dorothy Kayser Provine: women who are pursuing a career in the humanities



Two further requirements are that the student must reside Roanoke City, Salem City, Town of Vinton, Roanoke County, Botetourt County, or Craig County and must demonstrate financial need.  And to be competitive, it is recommend that the student have at least a 3.4 overall GPA (higher would be better!).


For more information, refer to their website  Applications are due to AAUW by March 11, 2016.


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