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Job/Internship Fair

Are you currently searching, or are interested in learning more about a job or internship?

If so, then make sure to come out to the Job and Internship fair, hosted by the PLACE. This event will occur tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm in the Wortmann Ballroom.  

All students are encouraged to attend.  Professional dress is NOT required as we realize that some students may be coming from class, lab or practice. There will be over 30 prospective employers and internship supervisors on campus and ready to answer questions.  Some businesses will have internships open each semester, so even students not looking for an immediate placement can still come and explore. 

If you have questions, or would like more details, please feel free to visit the PLACE’s website: https://www.roanoke.edu/place

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TAP: Total Action for Progress


Next week, the Education Job Fair will take place in the Wortmann Ballroom on Wednesday, February 4th from 9am-3pm. One of the many employers that will be on campus that day is TAP: Total Action for Progress.

TAP’s mission is to help “individuals and families achieve economic and personal independence through education, employment, affordable housing, and safe and healthy environments.” TAP’s goal is provide everyone with an equal opportunity for economic development and obtaining the American way of life. TAP offers over 30 different programs for Education & Career Development, Business & Economic Development, and Housing & Community Scholars.

TAP offers many regular entry-level jobs that Psychology, Teacher Licensure Program, Sociology, and Spanish majors would qualify for. There will be a representative at this event for graduating seniors. The representative will be looking to fill positions that teacher licensure candidates many wish to fill. The representative will not be conducting formal interviews, but an informal interview where you can ask more questions about the opportunity and TAP.

It is recommended that you bring your resume along with you to meet the representative. Business attire is not required, however very nice business casual attire is recommended.

Explore the opportunities TAP and many other employers have to offer by visiting their tables on February 4th from 9am-3pm at the Education Job Fair!

For more information,  you can visit their website at http://www.tapintohope.org/