Upcoming Psychology May Terms!

This Spring we will be having 3 May terms offered by the Psychology department! All of these classes are very unique and dive deeper into niche areas. For more information, take a look down below!


The Power of a Team - Balcombes Insurance Claims Management

Psychology of Teams
Dr. Findley-Van Nostrand and Dr. Carter
In Person

The goal of this course is to examine what makes teams effective, drawing upon classic and modern research in psychology. What changes when individuals must function as part of a team? How do effective teams solve problems and make decisions? What group dynamics lead to challenges in effectively solving problems? What kinds of team environments foster cooperation and allow for successful communication? What makes for a good team leader? What kinds of personality traits make for the most (and least) effective team members? We will attempt to answer these questions through a combination of readings and daily activities, including a number of cooperative and competitive team-based games and local field trips.

This class will focus on teamwork in a broad spectrum of situations including games, scavenger hunts, and sports!

If you have any questions, email findley@roanoke.com or tjcarter@roanoke.edu!


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Making Fear Your Friend
Dr. Hilton
In Person

Fear is a construct that is inextricably linked to our biology, psychology, history, and cultural context. When we think of fear, we often imagine terrible things but what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if instead of paralyzing or harming us, fear was actually a friend meant to instruct us, guide us, and help us grow? In this course, students will be asked to step outside of their comfort zone and learn to befriend their fear through experiential exercises, field trips, and assignments.

*This class will have a fee of about $80 , assuming some limited travel is possible*

If you have any questions, email hilton@roanoke.edu!


The Camera Versus the Human Eye

Photography and Vision Perception
Dr. Nichols
Online Synchronous

This class will utilize the digital camera as both a metaphor for the human eye and as a tool to create photographic representations of perceptions of human vision. Cameras and the human eye will be compared and contrasted in order to better understand both. Mechanisms of human visual perception, such as color vision, depth perception, and motion perception will first be discussed in lecture format and then assignments will be carried out wherein students take purposeful photographs to illuminate the discussion topics. The idea is that application through photography of principles discussed in relation to human vision, i.e. how we sense and perceive the world, will give you a better understanding of how and why the human vision system works the way it does.

*For this class students may use their phones, but if they would like training in a digital SLR, Dr. Nichols is happy to train them!*

If you have any questions, email dnichols@roanoke.edu!




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