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Thinking of Grad School? A Webinar Opportunity

Missed out on the Psychology Department’s Graduate School Panel?

Want to ask a few more questions about navigating graduate school applications?

Want to ask current graduate school students questions?

If you are any of the above, then consider attending the webinar hosted by the psychology department from the University of Alabama! Current PhD candidates will be there to answer any questions you might have about the process, or if you just want some advice.

The online webinar will happen on Wednesday, October 10th at 5 pm CST or 6 pm EST. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about graduate school applications, ask any lingering questions, and learn about current graduate school student’s experiences.

Don’t miss out!

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Grad School Advice Panel

As fall approaches us here at Roanoke, so do the deadlines for graduate schools.

Cue the mental freak out:

It’s OK, Thor. Just attend the advice panel.

Regardless of whether you are a senior or not, if you are like Thor and want to know more about graduate school programs and the application process, then consider attending the Psychology Department’s Grad School Advice Panel on Tuesday, September 18th at 12 pm in Life Science 502.  

The Grad School Advice Panel will be hosted by Dr. Findley-Van Nostrand, Dr. Wetmore, and Dr. Hilton. If you have any questions or just want advice, they will be happy to help you!

Oh, there will also be pizza and refreshments provided.

Be like Captain Jack Sparrow, but instead of a moving ship, there’s free pizza instead.

Also, if you want to know more information about career opportunities and graduate schools, you can click here to go to the department’s website for more information.

Most importantly, though, as the time for research and decisions begins, remember:

Hope to see you there!


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An Interview with Fulbright Scholar, Kaitlin Busse ’18

Kaitlin Busse ’18 (far left)

Kaitlin Busse, a senior majoring in psychology and a student assistant for the department, was recently awarded an open study/research Fulbright grant for Denmark.

In this post, Busse discusses with a student assistant what she will be doing while in Denmark, how she learned about the Fulbright program, and advice she has for students considering applying to Fulbright and any other research/internship opportunity.

Can you tell me a little about yourself and what you will be doing in Denmark?

I am a psychology major, sociology minor, and human resources concentration, and my interests are in organizational psychology. I was awarded an open study/research Fulbright grant to Denmark and I will be in Copenhagen from August 2018 until June 2019. I will take master level classes at Copenhagen Business School, where I plan to take classes about leadership and organizational change, employee identity, and diversity management, and about Danish culture and how it influences their organizations.

While there, I am also planning to assist my affiliate, Dr. Sara Louise Muhr, with a project she is working on about improving organizational cultures for women in academia in the European Union. Part of the Fulbright experience involves a project in which you immerse yourself in the community. I am planning to partner with an organization called, Crossing Borders, where I will help teach professional development skills to refugees in Denmark.

Click on the picture above to learn more about Crossing Borders.

How did you learn about the opportunity?

I actually learned about Fulbright while on my May Term to Sri Lanka. My professor, Dr. Katherine Hoffman, was a Fulbright ETA (she taught English) in Sri Lanka, and we interacted with their Fulbright Commission. I did not actually think about applying for a Fulbright until the second semester of my Junior year. I had just gotten back from studying abroad in the Netherlands and I loved immersing myself in another culture. After I came back, I received an email from Dr. Rosti about a Fulbright Information Session meeting.

What made you choose Denmark?

I wanted to go to Denmark because they are known for the great working environments and are constantly ranked one of the best places to work (and also one of the happiest countries)! My research interests lie in creating better work environments, especially in relation to work-family issues, which is what the Danes are known for! Also, I initially planned to study abroad in Denmark, but the program was cancelled during the semester that I wanted to go abroad.

Can you give any advice for those interested in applying for the Fulbright, or for research/internship experiences in general?

To people who are thinking about applying for Fulbright, I would say DO IT! It is a lot of work and it is extremely competitive to receive an award, but you develop so much personally, academically, and professionally from the application process. Even if you do not receive the Fulbright award, you end up with a great personal statement from the process.

For those thinking about research and internship experiences, I would also say DO IT! It was actually through one of my internships at a counseling agency that I learned I did not want to be a counselor and was instead most concerned with improving the work environment. Internships have also helped me get to know a little bit more about what organizational psychology and the HR field are about.

For those looking for internships, my advice would be to reach out to your networks and Roanoke College alumni (I actually [found] my first internship at a Roanoke College Career Night in NYC). I would also recommend research too because it allowed me to go in deeper to my studies and learn more about a particular area that I am passionate about.

Roanoke has an amazing research focus in the psychology program, which also gives you the opportunity to have a strong network relationship, present at conferences, and learn more about the research process.

Thank you to Kaitlin for taking her time to answer our questions, and congratulations again on receiving the Fulbright grant! Keep in touch and let us know how it goes! We’ll be cheering you on from the fifth floor of Life Science.

Also, for those interested in the Fulbright Program, click on this link to go to their official website. You can also talk to Dr. Jenny Rosti, who is the Director of Major Scholarships and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer. Her email is:

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Congratulations to Kaitlin Busse on Her Fulbright Acceptance!

Congratulations from the Department

Kaitlin Busse, a psychology major and student assistant, was recently awarded an open study/research Fulbright grant in Denmark!

Psychology faculty congratulated her on receiving the Fulbright grant, saying:

We are very proud of Kaitlin’s achievement; it is truly an honor. Kaitlin is the third Psychology major to receive a Fulbright in the last two years. Congratulations Kaitlin and good luck in Denmark!                                                                – Dr. Buchholz

Dr. Powell added:

Kaitlin is driven by an intrinsic motivation to succeed and to make the most of the educational opportunities available. Here at Roanoke, she has worked with myself and another faculty member in the Business Department to diversify her research experiences, which has led to her presenting projects at several disciplinary conferences. she also studied abroad at an institution well-known for their Industrial Organizational Psychology faculty and courses, and she acquired competitive summer internships to further expand her social capital and see the concepts she’s learned in action. A Fulbright Scholarship is an extraordinary next step for her! As she completes additional coursework and conducts a study under Dr. Muhr’s supervision, I am confident that she will thrive in Denmark. I am incredibly proud of what she has accomplished and look forward to hearing how it goes!

Keep a lookout for a follow-up post wherein Kaitlin will discuss what her project will entail, how she came to know about Fulbright, and advice for students interested in pursuing a Fulbright or any internship/research opportunity.

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Stressed About Graduate School Applications?

If you are graduating this year and looking to apply to graduate schools or would just like to learn more about the process, then consider attending Ms. Brook’s talk on Tuesday, April 10th at 6 pm in Life Science 515!

A recruiter and retention specialist for graduate programs at Radford University, Ms. Brooks will demystify the process, providing tips towards strengthening your application and answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you there!

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Application Deadline for Radford University’s Graduate Programs in Psychology

The future is scary, but here are several options available at Radford University for students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree or higher in some aspect of psychology.

These programs include:

  • Clinical-Counseling (M.A., M.S.)
    • A two year, full-time program designed to provide a solid foundation in theory and application for students interested in pursuing counseling or further studies in counseling or clinical-psychology.
      • The MA program requires the completion of 46 credit hours (including a thesis)
      • The MS program requires the completion of 40 credit hours
  • Experimental Psychology (M.A.)
    • A two year, full-time program providing students with advanced training in research methodology, data analysis, and the core principles of psychology. Students gain invaluable experience by working with faculty conducting research in a number of different subfields, as well as developing a wide range of knowledge in psychology.
    • Students will be required to develop, test, and defend a thesis project based on empirical research.
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology (M.A., M.S.)
    • A small, non-competitive and collaborative cohort
    • Through applying the basic principles of psychology to the workplace, I/O strives to improve not only the workplace, but also the “quality of work life for employees.”
    • Radford offers a two year, terminal master’s degree based on a “practitioner-scholar” model that applies to a number of career paths; the M.A. option includes a thesis project that prepares students for further studies.
    • A required internship, as well as a client-based project for each of the six I/O courses
    • 37 credit-hour program (9 hours per semester; 1 credit summer internship)
  • School Psychology (Ed.S.)
    • One of the few programs that offers a study abroad option, students in School Psychology may also earn both an Ed.S. in School Psychology and a M.S. degree in psychology.
    • Hands-on training begins in the first semester by going to public schools
    • In addition to assessment and intervention classes, students learn the most up-to-date methods such as “RTI and neuropsychological assessment and intervention.”
    • The program works with students who want to complete their third year internship in their home state, thus increasing their chances of employment.
    • School Psychology at Radford University is fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists. Graduates are eligible to apply to be a nationally certified school psychologist.
  • Counseling (Psy.D.)
    • Counseling (Psy.D.) at Radford University focuses on rural mental health, with emphasis on “cultural diversity, social justice, and evidence-based practice in psychology.”
    • The program is designed for students “interested in pursuing careers as psychologists in mental health settings and institutions where clinical supervision and the direct application of counseling, therapy, and psychological assessment are required.”
    • APA-accredited, follows a practitioner-scholar model, and includes a 2,000 hour internship.
    • Applicants must have completed a Master’s degree from an accredited institution where “they provided face-to-face counseling services by August of the year in which they wish to enroll in the Psy.D. program.”

Other opportunities include:

Applications for these programs are due February 15th. These applications must be online, require a non-refundable payment of fifty (50) dollars, and degreeseeking students must submit official transcripts from all universities or colleges attended. The application will automatically be forwarded to the selected department for evaluation.

To learn more about admissions and to find the link to the application, click here.

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UVA: Educational Psychology Program

For students interested in learning how developmental processes relate to school learning and the community, as well as simply how science can be used to improve the lives of adolescents, the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia offers a graduate degree in Educational Psychology – Applied Developmental Science where students will be able to learn about their interests and apply to them to real world settings.

The program is twelve-months long and includes a 6-credit, 200 hour internship experience and is housed through the Curry School of Education, which is ranked one of 2017 best graduate schools for education by the U.S. News. Students who pursue this program later work as educators, researchers, among other various fields.

Students that are interested in the program should either click on the snapshot above to be taken directly to the site or click here. If you have any questions and want to talk directly with someone from the program, please feel free to contact Dr. Ellen Markowitz at

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Applications for the UVA Ed Psych Program

Applications are now being accepted for the UVA Ed Psych Program at UVA’s  Curry School of Education, which is currently ranked one of the best grad schools in the country.  If interested, be sure to apply to the M.Ed. program by 2/1/18 or the Ph.D. program by 12/15/17, if applicable.


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Tennessee State University’s M.S. in Counseling Psychology

For students interested in pursuing a M.S. in Counseling Psychology, consider applying to Tennessee State University.

The program offers offers two paths for students, with a non-thesis option for those who want a master’s level license as a clinician in the Tennessee area, or a thesis option for students considering future doctoral studies.

In the latter course, students work with faculty to gain skills and experiences that appeal to competitive doctoral programs, including TSU’s APA-accredited Counseling Psychology program.

Because TSU is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), they place a great emphasis on diversity and acceptance. Both students and professors work to support “… social change and advocacy through coursework, community service, practicum training, and outreach presentations and workshops delivered to community agencies that speak for underrepresented populations.”

In addition to the brochure attached above, the program coordinator can be contacted at and the program webpage can be found here.

Applications to the M.S. in Counseling Psychology are currently open, with a deadline of the 1st of February, 2018.


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Online Open House for St. Joseph’s University

SJU is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picture credit:

For students interested in pursuing a masters degree in experimental psychology, consider attending Saint Joseph’s University’s virtual (online) open house on Monday, November 13th at 11:30 am.

Saint Joseph’s University offers an intense, full-time program where students acquire a strong foundation for the scientific study of psychology through equal emphasis on coursework and empirical research.

For more information on how to attend the open house, click here. For those interested in the overall program, follow this link to go to the official site.

A brochure for SJU’s M.S. in Psychology can be found here.


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Interested in Becoming a Professional Counselor?

If you are considering becoming a professional counselor, then look into attending the Virginia Tech Counselor Education Open House on Friday, November 3rd. The event will last from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and you can drop-in anytime to chat with students and faculty and to tour the facilities.

Interested? Please RSVP by emailing:


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Preparing For Graduate School: A Q&A Session

Come out to Massengill Auditorium on September 21st to enjoy a Q&A session with graduate students from Virginia Tech. Please RSVP by emailing Dr. Osterman at All are welcome!

There will be free pizza!


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Doctoral Student Recruitment Opportunity

Graduating this year?

Want to gain clinical experience as a doctoral student?

Then read on…

Dr. Adam Schmidt, assistant professor and director of the Pathways to Resilient Youth Development (PRYDe) lab, is looking for up to two students who would qualify in the Fall of 2018 to work as clinical psychology doctoral students.

The PRYDe lab is located in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University (TTU) and conducts research in the areas of neuropsychology, forensic psychology, and child clinical psychology with research grounded in neuroscience and developmental psychopathology. The lab has three broad areas of interest, including:

  1. “The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).
  2. The impact of resilience promoting factors on brain/cognitive development.
  3. The utility and incremental validity of neuropsychological assessment in forensic and
    clinical settings.”

Interested students would need to have “a strong academic/research focus and be open to a psychological clinical science training perspective.” In addition, prospective applicants with “substantial coursework outside of psychology (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, criminal justice/criminology, genetics, chemistry, physics, math/statistics, engineering,etc.) are particularly welcome to apply. ” The lab considers competitive students to be those who are interested in “integrating cognitive neuroscience/neuropsychology techniques with theories of developmental psychopathology and applying this approach to investigations of justice-involved youth or youth at risk for such involvement (e.g., youth with a history of significant trauma exposure).”

The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2017.

Onsite interviews will occur on February 9, 2018

For more information about the PRYDe lab, go to ; for those interested in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Texas Tech University, the link is:  Finally, for more specific questions, contact Dr. Adam T. Schmidt at

Research Opportunity: University of Miami

Summer Research Mentoring Program in Developmental Science      

This summer, Dr. Elizabeth Simpson and her team will be leading a Summer Research Mentoring Program, funded by the National Science Foundation. Students will be compensated $1,800 to work 20 hours per week over the course of this of this 9-week program.

The Social Cognition Lab studies the development of social behavior in infants, including neonatal imitation and face perception. We use eye tracking to measure infant visual attention and we collect saliva to detect salivary hormones. You can read more about our research here:

Eligibility, Dates, and Location

  • High school seniors and undergraduate students are eligible. No prior research experience is required.
  • The program is from June 1st through August 4th, 2017.
  • The University of Miami is located in a culturally diverse and vibrant community. We are an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University that values diversity and have progressive work-life policies. Women, persons with disabilities, and members of other underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. We are especially interested in research-focused students from groups historically underrepresented in science, including racial/ethnic minorities, women, and students who are the first in their family to attend college.
  • Students are responsible for their own accommodations and transportation.

Students will lead projects, under Dr. Simpson’s guidance. This student mentoring program aims to (a) introduce students to the general scientific method and specific methods of investigating infant social cognitive development; (b) identify student training and career goals; (c) facilitate student support networks, including peer mentoring; and (d) lead students in community science education through outreach and the dissemination of research findings to both the scientific community and the broader public. The research experience includes:

  • 20 hours per week in the laboratory learning to measure social cognitive development in infants.
  • Weekly 1-hour face-to-face research meetings focused on the training and professional development.
  • Participating in a research conference to learn more broadly about developmental science and to network with other leading scientists. The South Florida Child Psychology Collaborative Research Conference is a student-focused conference held in Miami every summer.
  • Designing a summer collaborative outreach project. Students will be encouraged to be creative and develop a project to educate children or families in the community on a topic related to our research.
  • Pairing up with a graduate student to produce a tangible product summarizing research findings. At the end of the program, students will share their results through a paper or presentation.


  • Materials must be received by April 24th, 2017 (midnight EST).
  • Please complete the online application:
  • Email Dr. Simpson ( your cover letter expressing why you are interested in this program and attach your CV or resume.

Learn more about our lab:
Questions can be directed to Dr. Simpson (

For more information, see the attached flyer.

Grad School Acceptance!


After graduation I have plans to enroll in Chestnut Hill College’s Psy D. program. The program is a 5 year APA accredited program in Philadelphia which accepts cohort sizes between 16 and 22 annually. This program prepares students for a career in clinical psychology by incorporating elements of formal lecture as well as clinical internships and practicums. By the end of the program the students obtain a master’s degree as well a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and have completed the necessary requirements to be eligible to obtain licensure.

Radford University, I.O. Masters Program


Haley Goodes ’15 is currently attending Radford University’s  Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master’s Program! We reached out to her answer some questions about graduate school. Feel free to reach out to Haley if you have any questions (see end of article for contact info).


  1. What’s your program like?

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master’s Program at Radford University is a two-year program that is project-oriented. In comparison to other programs, we work directly with clients in the majority of our classes to assess their needs and present them with materials to help resolve these organizational needs. It is also required of every student to have an internship, which is extremely helpful in getting experience in the field outside the classroom setting. In our program, our culture involves teamwork and communication. The professors are very helpful and strive to teach us to be the best evidence-based practitioners that we can be. In general, this degree supports those who are looking to go into consulting (internal, external) or human resources fields.

  1. What type of classes and assignments intrigue you the most in your program?

Every class is designed to teach us best practices for different topics; however, the materials and best practices somewhat overlap in an organized way to provide us with a better overall understanding of I/O Psychology. Classes such as Organizational Psychology, Employee Selection, Psychometric Theory, and Performance Appraisal have been the most interesting to me since these classes provide a framework for how to perform most of our practices in the most effective ways.

  1. Any advice for current students?

If students are looking to further their education in Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology differs since it focuses on specific issues in business settings. The analysis and comprehension of data is a strong component in I/O Psychology so that we can provide the most useful information to organizations with the support of evidence. Be passionate about what you think you would like to do in a career path and be very prepared with research, etc. before applying to any program. Asking advice from your professors about how to apply to graduate school and how to present yourself to each school is important. Also, the online information source to explore professions, O*NET, is a very helpful tool to see various aspects of different jobs.

  1. What do you think prepared you the most for grad school?

At Roanoke College, my Human Resource Management concentration and psychology courses, such as Research Methods, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, etc. prepared me for the content of the courses and how to study and present myself to clients. I believe my involvement in many different groups around campus helped me understand how to better communicate and lead others. I also had an internship in a human resources department before graduating from Roanoke College, which helped me get experience and interact with professionals in a human resources setting.

  1. Would you be willing to list your contact info on the post so students can reach out to you?

Yes. My email is The Radford University link to the I/O Psychology Program is

New “Behavioral & Community Sciences” Doctoral Program at USF

Read below for information on a new doctoral program that the University of South Florida is offering!


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St. Joseph’s University Grad School Webinar


Saint Joseph’s University master’s program in experimental psychology is a full-time program designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the scientific study of psychology. All students in the program are assigned to a mentor and conduct an empirically based research thesis under his/her direction.

SJU is reaching out to Roanoke College students to let them know that they are having a virtual (online) open house on Monday, November 7th at 12:30. Information on how to attend the open house can be found at:

Complete details about the program are available at and a Brochure about our program is attached.


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Virginia Psychological Science and Human Services Graduate School Fair

You are invited to the

Virginia Psychological Science and Human Services

Graduate School Fair


Thursday, October 13: 3-6 p.m 

Kline Campus Center, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA

Registration Fee:  Free

Students and alumni from all Virginia colleges and universities are invited to participate.

Register by emailing Sherry Talbott, Director of Career Services at
Questions?  Please contact Sherry Talbott at 540-828-5369 or

We look forward to seeing you!


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Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood



The Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA) has released their call of proposals to present at their biennial conference for November 2-4, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Data based on college student samples (or others between the ages of 18 & 25) would be appropriate for this conference.

If any research lab or seminar students are juniors or are graduating but think they’ll have access to Washington, D.C. in November, they may want to consider submitting an abstract under the guidance of their faculty advisor. Here is additional information about the call for proposals & conference: OR www.ssea. org/conference/2017

Timeline submissions open: January 15
Submissions deadline: March 1
Notification of decisions: April 15

Psychology Grad School Fair

PSYCHOLOGY GRAD SCHOOL FAIR – Meet Admissions Teams & Faculty on October 5th
REGISTER NOW * LEARN MORE * Live online event – Attend the Fair from Anywhere

Register Now: Psychology Grad School Fair | Virtual Event Happening on October 5th

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Opportunity for Graduating Seniors


Lab Manager – Social Learning Lab @ Stanford University

The Social Learning Lab (SLL) welcomes enthusiastic, motivated individuals to apply for a lab manager position to start in summer 2016. This person will work closely with other lab members to assist in all aspects of running the lab and conducting research.

The goal of our research is to understand the cognitive underpinnings of our ability to communicate with others to both learn about and teach others about both the physical and the social world. To this end, we employ a variety of methods: many of our projects involve behavioral methods with young children, fMRI experiments with adults and children, as well as online experiments with adults.  A successful candidate would be someone who would feel comfortable being involved in all aspects of research as well as taking good care of general lab business (e.g., training & coordinating undergraduate research assistants, recruiting & running subjects, communicating with staff at our research sites, constructing stimuli, managing & analyzing data, etc.). This person will also have opportunities to develop independent research projects.

A BA or BS degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, or in related fields would be helpful but not required. Research experience (particularly in cognitive neuroscience or cognitive development), strong statistical background, and programming skills (e.g., MATLAB) is highly desirable.

This position will be posted as a one-year position. Ideally however the position would be held for two years, and renewal will be contingent upon performance. Please refer to this webpage ( for more information on applying for this position. We ask all applicants to submit their answers to a list of questions as part of the application. For best consideration, please apply by February 1, 2016. Send any inquiries to


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UVA Master’s Program Webinar


UVA Counselor Education Master’s Degree Program – Information Webinar with Curry Faculty

Hello – Have you considered a career counseling youth and promoting their academic, career, and personal development? Are you inspired to serve as an advocate for youth and be a social change agent? Then the UVA Counselor Ed Master’s degree program is the place to start. Learn more about our CACREP accredited program on an interactive online webinar. Hear directly from Curry School faculty and Counselor Ed students on the importance of this career path, and how Curry will prepare you.


Learn more from Curry faculty at our online informational webinar.

Date and Time: Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 6:00 – 7:00pm EST

Go to the Counselor Ed website below to register.  All you need is access to the internet to join. We hope to see you on the webinar!

Karen Barnes, MBA
Director of Communications & Marketing
Curry School of Education
University of Virginia
Tel: 434-924-6939

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Alum Update: Charis Flamburis Current Work and Future Plans

“I am currently serving with AmeriCorps State through the Advancement Foundation. I am working for Big Brothers Big Sisters in Roanoke. I chose to serve with AmeriCorps because I liked the organizations they worked with and thought that it would be great experience. I love working with Big Brother Big Sister because I work with troubled children and youths. I would like to pursue a Masters in Counseling to counsel troubled children and youths, so it fits perfectly.”

Charis, we know a Masters in your future and that you will be a great counselor! We are proud that you are changing the world one life at a time. Your work matters.


Alumni Update: Sebastian Pena


“Since graduation, I have been working at different research positions at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University. At Georgetown I am currently working in two positions. I am the lab manager for the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition in the Department of Neuroscience. In this lab I am involved in facilitating and conducting studies involving tinnitus, neuroplasticity, music, and neuroimaging (fMRI). I am also a research assistant in a lab that studies opioid addiction in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. My work in this lab includes recruitment, administering questionnaires to patients, and supporting the effort of our clinical trial.

At Johns Hopkins I am a research program coordinator in the School of Medicine working for two doctors that study HIV and substance use disorders. I conduct interviews with patients in the hospital for a research study that is investigating how to incorporate a computerized survey as part of the regular care of our medical staff’s substance use consultation visits. I am also assisting with writing a paper about HIV medication adherence that we hope to submit for publication soon. In the next couple of months I will begin to interview patients and staff at our HIV clinic as part of a research study investigating retention.

I plan to use all these experiences to pursue a Ph.D in neuroscience and/or to apply to medical school. Hopefully I’ll soon figure out exactly what I want my next step to be!”

  • Sebastian Pena

Congratulations Sebastian and keep up the good work!

Alum Johnzelle Anderson Thanks Profs and Gives Update on Counseling Masters

Check out his recent blog post:

Johnzelle is well on his way, starting his internship soon! Shortly thereafter, he will have his Masters in hand. Way to go, Johnzelle! We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments. Keep us updated! And, thanks for the shout out. We are glad we were / are able to help you be successful.


Coleen Weber Briggs in a School Counseling program

ColeenColeen (Weber) Briggs B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience, class of 2013, has started graduate work in a Masters of School Counseling program at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC. Coleen aspires to complete her program in May 2017 with a 4.0 GPA average with the goal of eventually completing a Ph.D in either Developmental Psychology or Neuroscience.
“I enjoy psychology both from a scientific and social standpoint, primarily because it has allowed me to understand my own personal needs and the needs of those around me with greater clarity. Further, my studies in both psychology and neuroscience have given me the tools necessary to handle crises and to better work with the public. It is my hope that I can utilize my skills first in a school setting as a counselor, then in the future as a school psychologist or a neurological specialist. I encourage any students who view the psychology field from a scientific perspective to take advantage of the neuroscience program.”
Coleen took advantage of a couple of years off to explore her interests and talents, and it paid off. Not everyone has to go to graduate school right out of undergraduate.

Good work Coleen!  We are proud of you.

Hazel Smitson completes Master’s degree

Hazel Smitson and Devin DobynsHazel Smitson (B.S in Psychology with concentration in Neuroscience, 2013 cum laude) completed her master’s degree at the University of Indianapolis this July. Her degree is in Clinical Psychology with a track in mental health counseling. She will be working as an outpatient therapist at Meridian Health Services in Muncie, Indiana. Hazel looks forward to (finally) working with people as a therapist. We are very happy for her!

Featured Alum: Yuki Yamazaki

Alumna Yuki Yamazaki (’13) recently graduated from Columbia University Teachers College after earning her Ed.M. & M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling.

Since graduation, Yuki has started working as a Field Researcher for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development in their Housing and Neighborhood Study which looks at how housing, communities, and neighborhoods impact individual New Yorkers health- physical, mental, and emotional- as well as overall wellbeing.

Yuki would like to also thank the Roanoke Psychology Dept for their unwavering support, listening ear, and unnerving dance abilities through all of the milestones she’s completed so far.



Katy Hurst to Attend Vanderbilt University



Upon completion of her Bachelor’s of Science in 2013, Roanoke alumna Katy Hurst spent two years living and working in Antigua, Guatemala. During her time abroad, she reflected on her studies at Roanoke and the academic opportunities that lay ahead. After completing her graduate school application and interview process from abroad, Katy decided to pursue a M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling (School Counseling track) at Vanderbilt University. The program is unique in its focus on mental health, college, and job access counseling through the lens of human development.

Katy’s interest in education, human development, and counseling was honed in her undergraduate years, especially through Roanoke’s child and adolescent development courses and the “Counseling and Psychotherapy” Mayterm. Katy will also draw from her undergraduate research experience as she works as a research assistant in Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education. Additionally, she was selected to receive the Dean’s Tuition Scholarship award and has accepted an assistantship where she will be working on a special education project. She is looking forward to taking advantage of all this next step has to offer.

Recognizing Graduating Seniors: Lydia Fujimura

Lydia Fujimura 2015


Lydia is attending Vanguard University’s Masters of Organizational Psychology program in Costa Mesa California! She hopes to go into organizational conflict resolution involving factors such as self esteem and cultural differences.

Lydia had a hard time nailing down one class as her favorite from her time here at Roanoke. “​Every semester it changes!” she said. “I have taken so many wonderful courses here: the sociology of sex and gender, health illness and healing, the meaning of life, learning, and many others. Since it is still fresh in my mind, I would probably say Learning because Dr. Early conveys the material with both material from the book and good graphs to explain phenomena. I also loved Research Seminar because of the hands-on learning we were able to do. I really liked being able to master the material by actually using software like SPSS and conducting our own research.”

Lydia also worked in Dr. Buchholz’s research lab for 3 semesters and conducted an independent study on investigating the effect of empathy and agency on social mindfulness. Lydia is always cheerful and a pleasure to be around. She is smart and a hard worker.

Good luck, Lydia! We’ll miss you!

Allyson Brothers ’03, Featured Alum

Allyson Brothers 2003

“I am in my 4th year of the Applied Developmental Science (ADS) PhD program. ADS is a unique degree program that trains students in Human Development (also sometimes referred to as Developmental Psychology), with a rigorous training in both basic and applied research methodology. Although I am trained in research across the human life span, my primary area of focus is on adult development, including middle-age and later life. I study attitudes and stereotypes about aging, and their effects on health and well-being in later life. I am so passionate about this research because it turns out that seemingly simple and harmless jokes and negative perceptions about “old people” are actually robustly predictive of so many negative outcomes – including worse cognitive function, poorer walking and balance, lower life satisfaction, and even shorter life span by an average of 7.5 years! Plus, many stereotypes about aging are very inaccurate, and are contradicted by a growing body of research. Therefore, during my work here at CSU, I have collaborated with my advisor to design an intervention program that aims to help adults re-think the aging process. We hope to find out whether changing people’s attitudes about aging can result in meaningful behavioral changes, especially health promotion through increased physical activity.

The PhD program has been intense and lots of hard work – but has offered so many gratifying experiences. I have been part of an international research collaboration, and attended a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. I have had the opportunity to learn advanced statistical methods, to present work at national and international conferences, to gain teaching experience, and to mentor undergraduate students in our research lab. I plan to graduate in the next year, and am currently looking for post-doctoral and job opportunities that will allow me to use the research and teaching skills I have gained during the past several years.”

Allyson is also volunteering as a contact for our psych majors considering graduate school, so if you have any questions about graduate school, she would love to chat with you! ( )

Also check out her feature on the Psych Department’s Roanoke Alumni page! (

Alumni Update

20130422-H5596-DBHSince graduating from Roanoke College in 2014 magna cum laude with a major of Psychology, minor in Creative Writing, and concentration in Neuroscience, Lauren Kennedy is in the midst of completing her first year in the new Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health PhD program at Virginia Tech.

Congratulations Lauren!

The Psychology Department Mourns The Passing of Alum, Courtney King

“Courtney was a ray of sunshine, but don’t let that fool you, she had a feisty side! Her bright smile, beautiful personality, and kind heart will forever remain in our hearts. Courtney fought some hard battles during her short time on this earth, but she was not a complainer. If anything, she took care of others! After finishing her BA in Psych at RC, she completed her Masters at Liberty. Courtney loved her friends, her sorority sisters,  and of course, her family. To know her was to love her. We are thankful that we had the opportunity to interact with such a wonderful person. May we all take inspiration from Courtney.” ~Dr. Denise Friedman, Department Chair


Courtney (right) pictured with one of her sorority sisters, Molly (left).

Recognizing Graduating Senior – Tayler Kiser

Tayler Kiser


Tayler is one of the brightest students to come through the RC psychology department in recent years though many may not know that because of her quiet and unassuming nature. She has been focused on working in the Library Sciences for years and her opportunity will be coming soon with successful acceptance into graduate school.” ~ Dr. David Nichols, Academic Advisor

Alum Breanna Wright Accepted to PhD Program at Stony Brook University



Breanna Wright received a full assistantship and summer compensation to attend Stony Brook University where she will pursue a PhD in Political Science. Breanna is specifically interested in political psychology which she was the focus of her honors in the major project. Dr. Friedman and Breanna are preparing her honors paper for publication now.

Recognizing Graduating Senior – Carolyn Miesen

Carolyn Miesen

“Carolyn is the ultimate achiever! You rarely see one person juggle so much so successfully. She traveled abroad to study in Australia and came back with a passion for research. Balancing research in two domains, she accomplished more in a year than most do in 4 years. I anticipate she will have her first manuscript under review before graduation! I know she will thrive in the masters program at JMU.” – Academic Advisor & Research Mentor, Dr. Denise Friedman


Carolyn Miesen Accepts Graduate School Offer at JMU


Carolyn Miesen was accepted to four graduate programs! She elected to attend the Masters of Science in Psychology program with a quantitative concentration at James Madison University. Carolyn received a graduate assistantship where she will be working for the Psychology Department and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies.

Congrats, Carolyn! We could not be prouder of your accomplishments.