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Job Fair & Growth Through Opportunity

Growth Through Opportunity is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

GTO is looking for students who are respectful of others, positive, dependable, patient, flexible, and creative, among other traits.

Through the program, students partner with first responders at local fire stations, police departments, sheriff’s offices and courthouses, making this an ideal program for those especially interested in psychology, sociology, social work, criminal justice, education, communications, and business. 

In addition to gaining experience with varying levels of our justice system and with first responders, students will also develop such skills as developing educational curriculum, teaching/job coaching, and fundraising and marketing.

Students can volunteer, intern, or complete service hours. (Though it is too late in the current semester to set-up an internship.)

Students work as job coaches with recent high school graduates with disabilities (physical, emotional, learning, behavioral), called ‘cadets,’ as they work on-site with members of our justice system and first responders. Each student will have a small group of cadets, around four-to-six, that they will look after.

The program would be both spring and fall, from five-to-twenty hours a week, or from 9 am – 2 pm Monday through Thursday, though students will have to be there all of that time.  While students are not paid, GTO is applicable for academic credit or service/volunteer hours, as well as gaining invaluable experience and connections.

Furthermore, GTO will also be at the upcoming job fair on March 19th, 4:30 – 6:30 pm if you are interested and would like to speak to a representative.

Finally, if you are interested but cannot commit to the time or both semesters, the GTO team is currently working with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services to create a summer camp where students will have the opportunity to be involved.

For those who are interested, please send a letter of interest and resume to Dawn Martin at or contact her at (540)204-5945 if you have any questions.

Martin is a 1998 graduate of Roanoke College with a bachelors degree in psychology. She is happy to help interested students in finding a place at GTO.

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Summer Internship Opportunity at Florida International University

Interested in working with children in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or Elementary age groups? Want to be a Counselor, Classroom Aide, or Researcher? Looking for a chance to earn an internship credit?

Then consider applying to the Children’s Summer Treatment Program for children with ADHD or other related impairments at the Florida International University.

The Summer Treatment Program (STP) is a comprehensive program for children with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges. The STP has successfully helped more than 3,000 children and families and is composed of evidence-based intensive treatments incorporated into an eight-week therapeutic summer camp setting. Group and tailored individual treatment plans are focused on improving problem-solving, academic functioning and social skills—while also incorporating recreational, age-appropriate games and group activities.

The STP has been named a  Model Program in Child and Family Mental Health by the American Psychological Association, and has been named the program of the year by CHADD, the national parent advocacy group for children with ADHD. Students who have worked with FIU and the STP have said that it is an incredibly rewarding. hands-on experience, with huge contributions to their professional development. The program is also helpful in continuing onto graduate school and careers, such as clinical psychopathology, pharmacology, and psychotherapy.

More information about the Summer Treatment Program and the Center for Children and Families can be found here. Information about applications can be found here.

Applications for all positions are competitive so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

If you are considering applying to this program, please contact Dr. Camac about earning an internship credit.


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An Interview with Victoria Preston

The following is a transcription from an in-person interview with Victoria Preston at Fruitions where a student assistant was able to talk with her about her research and internship experiences at Roanoke College and Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare.

Victoria Preston ’17, presenting her findings at the recent Psychology Poster Session

Can you tell me a little about yourself? (Such as interesting hobbies and your favorite color?)

I’m a psych major. I don’t think I have any interesting hobbies. I like animals and my favorite color is green.

What kind of classes are you taking this semester?

This is my last semester, so I’m at the very end of what I need to be taking. I’m taking a seminar course [for psychology], and then I’m taking a sociology class because it’s interesting to me. I [also] work for Dr. Powell on a research lab.

How do you like seminar?

It’s kind of challenging just because you’re working in a group to come up with a project. Most of the groups are four people, [but] we’ve got three, so it’s just kind of difficult to get everyone on the same page, to get everyone to meet on time, [and] to get the work done, but it seems to be going well so far.

How do you like Dr. Powell’s lab?

I  love it. This is my second year working for her, second semester I guess, and her lab is about an emerging adult study or doing something with adolescents. Last semester I just worked in helping other students with their research- I didn’t do anything of my own. (…) This year I’m doing my own study from a previous student’s and some of her work. I have someone working for me this time. So, (…) I really enjoy it and you get the experience of what working in a research setting would be and you get her attention to help with anything else that you need.

So, what are you doing specifically in the lab?

There’s a Roanoke College student who graduated last year who did a study on emerging adults and talking, ghosting, friends with benefits, that kind of relationship. I’m doing a secondary data analysis of her study. Dr. Powell and Dr. Friedman did a study on a ghosting, so I’m taking some of their information and putting it together and running my own analysis of it: dealing with if there’s a time frame, what blocking is, if we can accurately define what “talking” really means. [Talking is] different for every person. That’s basically what I am doing this semester.

In addition to working in the lab, you also completed an internship. Can you tell me about that?

I interned at Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Care in the Child and Family Services [Department]. I was toying with the idea of working with children and families and I wanted to intern at a place that was local enough to where I could potentially work there because I am from Salem. [Interning at Blue Ridge] was just the best option and was something I was vaguely familiar with.

What did you learn from your experience at Blue Ridge?

A lot of what I did there was observing group therapy or sitting in on family assessment planning. If there was a kid that needed some sort of services but couldn’t afford it, they would go to this board and make their argument for the government or organization to pay for it. What I learned was that there are a majority of people who need the help that Blue Ridge is giving but they can’t afford it. That was kind of surprising to me because you think “oh, you know everybody has insurance, that insurance just pays for it” but that was not the case. [I also] just figured out my own personal biases in working with kids because I still want to work with children – I eventually want to be family therapist. Maybe. Working with kids, you think it’s going to be one thing and then it’s an entirely different thing.

I did learn a lot about what it was like to work in an actual office setting, which was really important to me because the only other job I’ve had I was working at a jewelry store. That was just really interesting to me to just see how complicated the behind-the-scenes of mental health is and trying to get people the services that they need.

Were there any moments during your internship that really surprised or struck you?

Since there are children and family services in that building, I thought it was only going to be kids needing some sort of residential treatment or psychiatric testing but it’s anything that has to do with children. […] I’m not sure… There were a lot of interesting experiences that I never anticipated or expected to see.

How do you plan on applying what you learned in your internship to what you’d like to do in the future?

The reason why I wanted to intern at a local place was because I plan on applying for a job there, so basically just taking all of the things I observed and kind of deciding if that’s the path that I want to go down since I’ll only have a bachelors [degree]. You can’t really do a lot, so I’ll probably end up being a case-worker. Just taking the things that I saw and learned in my psych classes, counseling classes, or my abnormal classes- even some of my sociology classes. I’ve taken a lot of juvenile delinquency and behavior classes and the things I’ve learned in my classes [I’ve also] seen first hand. When you do an internship, you have to write daily reflections of what you did and how it applies to what you learned and I could apply 90% of what I saw [interning at Blue Ridge] to something that I learned in my classes.

What’s some advice that you have for students who want to complete an internship?

Definitely do it. If I hadn’t taken the internship, then I would have no idea where to go or where to apply. Experiencing something is good but also being able to network and having people that you can then go to or have them be a reference for [is good as well]. I only interned for two months, so you don’t have to have a long internship to get a full experience . You can just do it for a summer. I would tell everyone to do an internship if they can, especially if they are not a hundred percent certain- even they are a hundred percent certain, but maybe they [realize they] don’t like it that much.

Thanks Victoria for taking time to meet to talk about your research experiences and your internship with Blue Ridge. Congratulations on completing your degree!

For those interested in applying to an internship or wanting to know more about research opportunities, please contact Dr. Camac in the Psychology Department and/or Dr. Lassiter in the Biology Department.

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UVA: Educational Psychology Program

For students interested in learning how developmental processes relate to school learning and the community, as well as simply how science can be used to improve the lives of adolescents, the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia offers a graduate degree in Educational Psychology – Applied Developmental Science where students will be able to learn about their interests and apply to them to real world settings.

The program is twelve-months long and includes a 6-credit, 200 hour internship experience and is housed through the Curry School of Education, which is ranked one of 2017 best graduate schools for education by the U.S. News. Students who pursue this program later work as educators, researchers, among other various fields.

Students that are interested in the program should either click on the snapshot above to be taken directly to the site or click here. If you have any questions and want to talk directly with someone from the program, please feel free to contact Dr. Ellen Markowitz at

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Applications for the UVA Ed Psych Program

Applications are now being accepted for the UVA Ed Psych Program at UVA’s  Curry School of Education, which is currently ranked one of the best grad schools in the country.  If interested, be sure to apply to the M.Ed. program by 2/1/18 or the Ph.D. program by 12/15/17, if applicable.


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Interested in Becoming a Professional Counselor?

If you are considering becoming a professional counselor, then look into attending the Virginia Tech Counselor Education Open House on Friday, November 3rd. The event will last from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and you can drop-in anytime to chat with students and faculty and to tour the facilities.

Interested? Please RSVP by emailing:


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Doctoral Student Recruitment Opportunity

Graduating this year?

Want to gain clinical experience as a doctoral student?

Then read on…

Dr. Adam Schmidt, assistant professor and director of the Pathways to Resilient Youth Development (PRYDe) lab, is looking for up to two students who would qualify in the Fall of 2018 to work as clinical psychology doctoral students.

The PRYDe lab is located in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University (TTU) and conducts research in the areas of neuropsychology, forensic psychology, and child clinical psychology with research grounded in neuroscience and developmental psychopathology. The lab has three broad areas of interest, including:

  1. “The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).
  2. The impact of resilience promoting factors on brain/cognitive development.
  3. The utility and incremental validity of neuropsychological assessment in forensic and
    clinical settings.”

Interested students would need to have “a strong academic/research focus and be open to a psychological clinical science training perspective.” In addition, prospective applicants with “substantial coursework outside of psychology (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, criminal justice/criminology, genetics, chemistry, physics, math/statistics, engineering,etc.) are particularly welcome to apply. ” The lab considers competitive students to be those who are interested in “integrating cognitive neuroscience/neuropsychology techniques with theories of developmental psychopathology and applying this approach to investigations of justice-involved youth or youth at risk for such involvement (e.g., youth with a history of significant trauma exposure).”

The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2017.

Onsite interviews will occur on February 9, 2018

For more information about the PRYDe lab, go to ; for those interested in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Texas Tech University, the link is:  Finally, for more specific questions, contact Dr. Adam T. Schmidt at

Recruiting Student Research Assistants for Fall 2017!

Dr. Travis Carter, a new faculty member in the Department of Psychology, is recruiting student research assistants to start in the fall.

The research conducted in the lab will focus on:

  •  Bias in social judgments
  • The role of introspection in biased self-assessments
  • Motivated reasoning and self-deception
  • Happiness and consumer behavior
  • Political belief formation

Looking for research assistants who:

  • Are conscientious and hard-working
  • Are able to juggle a variety of tasks at once
  •  Are intellectually curious (ideally with knowledge of social psychology)
  • Are familiar with MS Office/Google Docs
  •  Have some familiarity with research methods and statistics (preferred, not required)
  •  Have some programming skills, or an interest in learning (preferred, not required)

Research assistants will be involved with many aspects of the research process, including developing experimental materials, data collection (in and outside of the lab), data entry, and literature reviews. Highly motivated students will have opportunities for more involvement in study design, statistical analysis, and other more advanced aspects of the research process.

Interested students from all class years are encouraged to contact Dr. Carter for an application (


Recruiting Student Research Assistants for Fall 2017!

Dr. Findley-Van Nostrand, a new faculty member in the Department of Psychology, is looking for research assistants to begin in the Fall semester.

Research topics in the lab will include:

  • peer relationships from early adolescence through young adulthood
  • development of social behaviors (aggression, prosociality, withdrawal), social motivation, and status among peers
  • the self and personality in relation to social behaviors and social-emotional adjustment
  • the role of social experiences in academic persistence and motivation (especially in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math fields)

Looking for students who…

  • are hard working
  • are motivated
  • share some level of interest in the above topics
  • of any class level (Freshman-Senior)
  • have some experience with statistics and methods and familiarity with SPSS and Microsoft Office (preferred, not necessary)

Students in the lab can expect to work on a variety of tasks related to the research process, with potential for increased involvement.  For instance, research assistants may work on any combination of data entry/coding, data analysis, literature reviews, study design, and data collection (in-lab and community-based studies most likely in local schools).


For questions or an application, email Dr. Findley-Van Nostrand at

JOB: Community-Based Mental Health Counselor


The Community Counseling at Family Service of Roanoke Valley has at least two openings for a Community-Based Mental Health Counselor (working primarily with youth) in the Roanoke area.

Community Counseling Programs – Family Service of Roanoke Valley is seeking part-time professional to work with youth and families in Medicaid Licensed Programs as well as grant funded programs. The services will be provided in a variety of community settings included homes, after school settings and school based groups. A Bachelor’s degree in an applicable social science is required as is experience working with youth (must be Qualified Mental Health Professional-Children, QMHP-C). Each applicant must hold a valid Virginia Driver’s License and have an insured vehicle to transport youth. Bi-lingual applicants are encouraged to apply.

Applicants can email or call Emily DeCarlo, the Program Manager, if they have any questions., Phone: (540)563-5316 ext. 3007.

Please see for more information on Community Counseling at Family Service of Roanoke Valley.

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Summer Counselor Positions

Florida International University Center for Children and Families 2017 Summer Treatment Program — Counselor Positions

by Eduardo Merille
by Eduardo Merille

The Center for Children and Families at Florida International University announces Summer Treatment Program Counselor positions for 2017. The Summer Treatment Program (STP) provides services to children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorder, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, learning problems, and related behavior problems. The program provides treatment tailored to children’s individual behavioral and learning difficulties. Counselors will work in the STP-PreK, for children in preschool or entering Kindergarten, or the STP-E, for children ages 6-12 in elementary school. The Center for Children and Families is directed by William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D., who is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Florida International University. Paulo Graziano, Ph.D., and Katie Hart, Ph.D., are the Program Directors for the STP-PreK, and Erika Coles, Ph.D., is the Program Director for the STP-E.

The dates of employment for the Counselor position are Monday, June 5, 2017 through Saturday, August 12, 2017. Counselor hours of employment are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and on Saturday, August 12. In addition, Counselors continue to work with the children until 8:30 PM one evening each week while parents participate in weekly parent training groups.

Counselors are paid a salary of $4,000 for the summer. In addition, current students may be able to arrange for academic course credit through their university departments.

Read more below!

Continue reading Summer Counselor Positions



Sourcing Specialist for ScribeAmerica, a company that hires and trains “Medical Scribes” for Board Certified Physicians, is looking for candidates to fill positions! This is a truly unique employment opportunity for students interested in careers in medicine. Our company is currently looking to recruit students to work as Medical Scribes in your local area of Salem, VA.

The scribe will work one on one with board certified physicians assisting with documentation for each patient evaluated by the doctor. It is an exceptional opportunity for anyone interested in medicine to gain first-hand experience following a physician in an emergency department setting.

We offer paid classroom & clinical training. Each employee will have multiple training sessions both in the classroom and the department during which we teach extensive medical terminology and appropriate medical/legal charting documentation.

There is a flyer attached to this post providing more information about the positions and how to apply.

For more information you may also visit our website Please contact Alexis Salters if you have any questions about our program at Alexis,


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Teach For America is hiring Psychology majors – FINAL DEADLINE 3/4


Teach For America’s FINAL Application Deadline: March 4
Start your online application here:

Right now, fewer than 10% of students from low-income communities graduate from college. All children in this country deserve an education that gives them the opportunity to realize their fullest potential. Teach For America (TFA) seeks passionate, social justice-driven seniors and graduate students of all majors and backgrounds. March 4th is also the first chance for undergraduate juniors or Fall 2016 graduates to apply for early admission to the 2017 corps.

Apply by March 4th (job offers go out April 25 and your decision deadline is May 3) for the Teach For America corps member position, a two year (minimum) teaching commitment (ranges from pre-K to 12th grade) in one of 52 low-income communities across the country. You’ll earn a full salary (up to $51,000/year) and benefits, state teaching certification, and an optional Master’s degree. Beyond the two years, our alumni are change agents, inside and outside of schools, tackling issues in education, law, medicine and beyond.

Who We Look For | Where & What You’ll Teach | Training & Support| How to Apply | TFA Alumni Profiles

Experience an inspiring moment from TFA’s 25th Anniversary Summit – Julio Garcia describes how his TFA teachers inspired him to return home to the Rio Grande Valley as a 2013 corps member:

Questions? Contact your Recruitment Director, Tom Milteer, at

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Local Volunteer/Job Opportunity

Round Hill Elementary School in Roanoke is looking for volunteers as well as students who need a job and like working with children. The program is called 21st Century and it is an after school program that involves supervising children. If you are interested or have any questions concerning the program, please email Emily Leimbach ’14 (she currently works at Round Hill as a teacher) and she’ll gladly hook you up with any information you might need:

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Camp Easter Seals UPC Camp Counselors


Camp Easter Seals UCP offers children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy fun and challenging activities in a unique and supportive camp atmosphere.  To help contribute to this environment we are seeking general counselors for summer employment.  We are located about forty five minutes northwest of Roanoke Virginia in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Who we serve – Our campers have a variety of disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and several other physical and mental disabilities.  Camp Easter Seals Virginia offers camp sessions for adults and kids/teens.  Physical, occupational, and speech therapy camp sessions are also offered for kids/teens.  The summer ends with a week for families that have a child with a disability.

Why our camp – Camp Counselors gain experience through supervising and caring for campers’ personal needs as well as leading and assisting campers with camp activities. Counselors come from around the country and world to work at the camp.  Many staff have described their experience at camp as “life changing!”

All levels of experience and education welcome to apply.  For more information please visit us:
February 1st
Internship Fair
4:30 – 6:00 PM
Roanoke College Colket Center

Also visit our website, watch our YouTube video, and contact

Alex Barge, the camp director, will be on Roanoke’s campus on Monday and would be open to visiting and/or speaking with organizations or classes anytime.

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Opportunity for Graduating Seniors


Lab Manager – Social Learning Lab @ Stanford University

The Social Learning Lab (SLL) welcomes enthusiastic, motivated individuals to apply for a lab manager position to start in summer 2016. This person will work closely with other lab members to assist in all aspects of running the lab and conducting research.

The goal of our research is to understand the cognitive underpinnings of our ability to communicate with others to both learn about and teach others about both the physical and the social world. To this end, we employ a variety of methods: many of our projects involve behavioral methods with young children, fMRI experiments with adults and children, as well as online experiments with adults.  A successful candidate would be someone who would feel comfortable being involved in all aspects of research as well as taking good care of general lab business (e.g., training & coordinating undergraduate research assistants, recruiting & running subjects, communicating with staff at our research sites, constructing stimuli, managing & analyzing data, etc.). This person will also have opportunities to develop independent research projects.

A BA or BS degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, or in related fields would be helpful but not required. Research experience (particularly in cognitive neuroscience or cognitive development), strong statistical background, and programming skills (e.g., MATLAB) is highly desirable.

This position will be posted as a one-year position. Ideally however the position would be held for two years, and renewal will be contingent upon performance. Please refer to this webpage ( for more information on applying for this position. We ask all applicants to submit their answers to a list of questions as part of the application. For best consideration, please apply by February 1, 2016. Send any inquiries to


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Clinician Therapist Position Available

A position for a Clinician Therapist serving community homes in Roanoke has become available by Intercept Youth Services!

If you are seeking a full-time position, please see below for the job description. They would to have the chance to see your resume and  interview you!

Provided is the Link to Intercept:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.13.36 PM

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Alum Update: Charis Flamburis Current Work and Future Plans

“I am currently serving with AmeriCorps State through the Advancement Foundation. I am working for Big Brothers Big Sisters in Roanoke. I chose to serve with AmeriCorps because I liked the organizations they worked with and thought that it would be great experience. I love working with Big Brother Big Sister because I work with troubled children and youths. I would like to pursue a Masters in Counseling to counsel troubled children and youths, so it fits perfectly.”

Charis, we know a Masters in your future and that you will be a great counselor! We are proud that you are changing the world one life at a time. Your work matters.


Alum Update: Cindy Cook Talks About The Path To Finding Her Passion

“May 2013 graduation feels like a lifetime ago.  Life has been a whirlwind since then.  I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I have been working as a Certified Pharmacy Tech, starting out in retail and recently making the transition to long term care.  I believe I have found my passions to lie as a mix between psychology and pharmacy and am looking deeply into becoming a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner.  Still not set in stone, so we shall see where life takes me!”

Thanks for the update, Cindy. Many of us take a winding path to find our place. Please keep us in the loop!



Alumni Update: Sebastian Pena


“Since graduation, I have been working at different research positions at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University. At Georgetown I am currently working in two positions. I am the lab manager for the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition in the Department of Neuroscience. In this lab I am involved in facilitating and conducting studies involving tinnitus, neuroplasticity, music, and neuroimaging (fMRI). I am also a research assistant in a lab that studies opioid addiction in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. My work in this lab includes recruitment, administering questionnaires to patients, and supporting the effort of our clinical trial.

At Johns Hopkins I am a research program coordinator in the School of Medicine working for two doctors that study HIV and substance use disorders. I conduct interviews with patients in the hospital for a research study that is investigating how to incorporate a computerized survey as part of the regular care of our medical staff’s substance use consultation visits. I am also assisting with writing a paper about HIV medication adherence that we hope to submit for publication soon. In the next couple of months I will begin to interview patients and staff at our HIV clinic as part of a research study investigating retention.

I plan to use all these experiences to pursue a Ph.D in neuroscience and/or to apply to medical school. Hopefully I’ll soon figure out exactly what I want my next step to be!”

  • Sebastian Pena

Congratulations Sebastian and keep up the good work!

Update from Alum and Psych Minor, Jordan May


In her own words:

Jordan May Roanoke College, 2013

B.S. Health and Exercise Science

Minor: Psychology

Soccer. Travel. More soccer. More travel.

Since graduating from Roanoke in 2013, the past 2 plus years have been a whirlwind. The summer after graduation I relocated to Lewiston, Maine to start my position as an Assistant Women’s Soccer coach at NCAA Division III institution, Bates College. My day-to-day tasks consist of helping our head coach, Kelsy Ross (Roanoke College ’05), with practice planning, facilitating team communication, coordinating community events and community service, coaching in training sessions, recruiting, scouting opponents, and taking care of travel arrangements, as well as game-day responsibilities. In addition to my duties at Bates, in our collegiate off-season, I help out at a local club, Seacoast United Maine, in various aspects of trainings with kids as young as 7 up to 18. To say I had no idea how much thought, time, and energy it takes to help run a collegiate athletics program (or even just a 2 hour training session), is an understatement. To be on the other side of the lines is truly an eye opening, humbling experience. My four years at Roanoke as a student-athlete was is a time that I reflect upon on a daily basis. My writing and critical thinking skills were really formed during that time and help to analyze and dissect the good and the bad of our squad, routinely. Being a coach isn’t just about teaching the X’s and O’s and developing players in practice, but also about forming bonds and relationships with your them to understand what makes them tick. Figuring out that what works best for one player, might not be the same for another, and so on, is a real challenge!

In the future, I hope to go back to school to obtain a masters degree in the field of Sports Management or Sports Psychology while also continuing to coach.

Jordan, we are proud of what you have achieved and are pleased your degree is serving you well. Keep us updated! We know you’ll be successful obtaining your Masters.


Hazel Smitson completes Master’s degree

Hazel Smitson and Devin DobynsHazel Smitson (B.S in Psychology with concentration in Neuroscience, 2013 cum laude) completed her master’s degree at the University of Indianapolis this July. Her degree is in Clinical Psychology with a track in mental health counseling. She will be working as an outpatient therapist at Meridian Health Services in Muncie, Indiana. Hazel looks forward to (finally) working with people as a therapist. We are very happy for her!

Featured Alum: Yuki Yamazaki

Alumna Yuki Yamazaki (’13) recently graduated from Columbia University Teachers College after earning her Ed.M. & M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling.

Since graduation, Yuki has started working as a Field Researcher for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development in their Housing and Neighborhood Study which looks at how housing, communities, and neighborhoods impact individual New Yorkers health- physical, mental, and emotional- as well as overall wellbeing.

Yuki would like to also thank the Roanoke Psychology Dept for their unwavering support, listening ear, and unnerving dance abilities through all of the milestones she’s completed so far.



Living & Working Abroad Post-Graduation

katy antigua

Katy Hurst (B.S., Psychology, 2013) spent the past two years living in Antigua, Guatemala where she worked at the newly established Antigua International School (AIS). AIS is a college preparatory K-12 school that serves nearly 200 students from diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds. It is the first school of its kind in Guatemala, combining a world-class, internationally accredited education with an unprecedented financial aid program and curriculum centered around service. Katy’s role in the school was as both an Admissions and Development Officer. As part of the development team, Katy worked to procure the funds for the scholarship program that served 50% of the student population including many students from rural villages. She also helped to establish the school’s admissions process and policies and especially enjoyed using her psychology background to assess social, emotional, and academic readiness to ensure that each student was placed in an environment in which he or she could thrive. Katy loved watching students develop a new language and experience learning on deeper levels than ever before. She will most certainly draw on this experience as she begins work on her Master of Education degree in Human Development Counseling at Vanderbilt University next fall.

Aly Beard’s New Job!

Aly Beard Headshot“I’m a 360 Transition Specialist with Intercept Youth Services in Lexington, VA.  I’m going to be doing primarily one on one with children 5 – ~14 working on improving social, emotional, and daily living skills (i.e.: pro-social skills, coping skills, and healthy relationships).”

Congratulations Aly!


Carilion Clinic Career Focus Dinner

November 6, 4:30-7pm

Location: off-campus site TBD

Large health care organizations offer a variety of opportunities for employment, internships, and research to students in many majors – Business, social sciences, and healthcare related fields. Come and hear from one of our local health care systems – Carilion Clinic – about such opportunities, as this could be useful in looking for similar settings in other locations. Registration is required by Thursday, October 30, through Career Services. This program takes place off-campus and includes dinner at no cost. Rides are available if desired or needed. For more information, contact Career Services.

For more information contact: Toni McLawhorn (540) 375-2303