Why Psych? Psychology Week 2023

April 23-29 2023 is Psychology Week, a campaign from the American Psychological Association (APA). In honor of the week, we are highlighting some of the amazing people in the Roanoke College Psychology Department.

We asked two students and a faculty member to share their answer to the question, “Why Psychology?”

Timothy Hoffstaetter ’24

Timothy Hoffstaetter ’24, Psychology Major

Why psychology?

I choose to study psychology because of my passion for helping and uplifting others. Being educated on this subject allows for me to help others live their best and truest life. I also want to shoutout my sister because even though she is not in the field of psychology she inspires me every day to live my life by helping people. 

Dr. Christopher Buchholz

Dr. Christopher Buchholz, Associate Professor of Psychology

Why psychology?

I was drawn to psychology in a search for an answer to big questions like, What is consciousness? Do we have free will? How can we best live happy and meaningful lives? What I love about psychology and the human experience is that I am still learning new answers to these questions. I find joy in that search as well as in sharing what I have learned with others. 

Allyson Herriges ’23

Allyson Herriges ’23, Psychology Major (right) and her son (left)

Why psychology?

I chose to study psychology because I’m the mother of an autistic child. Through my studies I’ve been able to develop a better understanding of the disorder and have become a better parent as a result. I hope to spend my life researching the neurological basis of autism while also helping families like my own navigate the world, and make it a more autism-friendly place.

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