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Dr. Friedman is an associate professor and the chairperson of the Psychology department at Roanoke College. She runs an active lab merging the areas of developmental psychology, SoTL, and cyberpsychology. She currently teaches developmental, seminar, and INQ courses.

The Karl Beck Memorial Prize Goes To:


Julia Boudrye. Julia is recognized for her scholarship. She has been a member of Dr. Friedman’s lab and the URAP program for four years. She has presented at a number of conferences, regional and national, has completed research practicums, independent studies, and honors in the major. Additionally, she has served as the lab coordinator for the past year.



Chava Urecki. Chava has been a member of Dr. Buchholz’s lab and the URAP program for the last four years. She has been lab manager for the past two years, conducting her own independent research and overseeing underclassmen. She has presented at several conferences and recently defended her honors thesis!

The faculty selects a psychology major to receive the Karl W. Beck Memorial Prize, which is given for excellence in psychology. The recipient is awarded a prize of money, which is made possible by gifts of friends in memory of the late Dr. Karl W. Beck, professor and first chairperson of the Roanoke College Psychology Department. The recipient’s name is engraved on a plaque which is located in the department reception room.

Senior Seminar Students Present at Psychology Poster Session


Students in the neuroscience seminar course explain their project to Drs. Buchholz and Pranzarone. This is the second year research seminar in neuroscience has been offered. The concentration is growing fast so it will be offered twice next year!



Siera Sims (Biology), Hazel Smitson, Rebecca Ward (Biology), Jennifer Klenzmann, and Julie Whitt pose with their seminar professor, Dr. Nichols.

Tests and Measurement Students Present at Experential Learning Week

Students in Dr. Filer’s T&M course created their own instruments this semester. The group presenting here features sophomore, junior, and senior psychology majors – Lauren Kennedy, Jessica Gladfelter, Sam Reis, Brianna Griffith, and Sarah Ellison – who constructed a survey on group work. They plan to collect data this summer and next year to establish predictive validity and then pursue publication of their instrument with Dr. Filer.



Senior Psychology Major Student Presents at Experiental Learning Week

Julia Boudrye presents her research on the how smartphone use impacts work-life balance for students at the on-campus student-faculty research showcase. This project was conducted with Drs. Friedman (psychology) and Galluch (business) and will be presented at the national conference in Washington DC this May. Julia has worked with Dr. Friedman all four years as a research assistant through the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP). She has numerous regional and national presentations and is currently preparing this project for publication.



Senior Seminar Students Present at Experiential Learning Week

Dr. Friedman’s senior seminar students – James Seeyle, Allison Williams, and Allison Williams – present during the student-faculty research showcase portion of experiential learning week. Believe it or not, these seniors gave up part of their Friday night on alumni weekend to present the findings from their semester long project. That’s dedication!



Blog Dedication


The Roanoke Psychology blog is dedicated to Dr. Curt Camac, former chair of the psychology department. Dr. Camac passed away on October 6, 2012. He was a full professor at the college. Curt was well loved by faculty and students alike and is responsible for the tremendous growth and well-being the department has experienced over the past decade. We hope to honor his memory by celebrating our successes and sharing our stories with you.

Dr. Camac’s obituary can be found here: If you would like to share your story about how Dr. Camac influenced you, please contact us.