Pie a Prof 2019

Do you want revenge on your professors? Maybe you just like a bit of fun. Quite possibly, you even like raising money for a good cause.

If any of the above apply to you, then take heed! April 11th at 4 pm on Colket Patio you will get to see 9, yes 9, of our esteemed psych professors get a pie in their face! The kicker? You could be the one that delivers it!

So all professors will be pied regardless, but like last year, the professor with the most donations in their name will get a giant pie. If you make a donation of at least $5, you will get to personally pie the professor of your choice. Instead of one charity this year, there will be 3 charities with each professor being assigned to a team. The team with the most money overall has the profits donated to their charity.

Whether you donate based on professor or charity, revenge or generosity, we hope to see you there! Cash donations can be made to the lock box on the 5th floor and Venmo can be sent to @rcpsych! We will also be tabling in Colket the week prior.

Team 1: Brain Injury Services of SWVA

  • Dr. Wetmore
  • Dr. Buchholz
  • Dr. Allen

Team 2: St. Francis Service Dogs

  • Dr. Osterman
  • Dr. Hilton
  • Dr. Nichols

Team 3: Children’s Trust

  • Dr. Powell
  • Dr. FVN
  • Dr. Carter

If you have any questions, please contact Cody Dillon-Owens, president of Psi Chi.




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