How the Psychology Department Celebrated April Fools 2019

Dr. Camac and Ellen Dyer laughing at something Dr. Osterman said

Walking past the elevator, you might notice the new pictures for the faculty members, where their representations if they were South Park characters have been carefully designed by the Master of Photoshop, Dr. Lindsey Osterman.

Further in to the Psychology Department, you might notice the googly eyes staring back at you from Dr. Osterman’s door frame. If you walk inside her office, you will quickly realize that you are being stared at from multiple googly eyes, including those on her phone, lampshade, chairs, books and the different memes she has on her walls for decoration.

“They missed a few good opportunities. I’m kind of disappointed,” said Dr. Osterman as we examined her room a few weeks ago and found more and more googly eyes.

The Googly Eyed April Fools Prank

If you were part of Dr. Allen’s class, you were likely suddenly told that you had an exam without any previous mention and were given a link that took you directly to a certain music video titled “Never Gonna Get Over You.”

You were properly rickrolled.

This is how the Psychology Department celebrated April Fools Day 2019.

What will happen next year? No one knows, but that’s the fun of it.

Dr. Osterman confirmed that she is already planning her revenge.

Want to see what happened last year, including another tale of revenge that occurred after years of planning? Click here.




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