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APA recently uploaded an article about “The superpowers of the psychology major” (read more at:https://www.apa.org/ed/precollege/psychology-teacher-network/introductory-psychology/superpowers-psychology-major ). Author, Dr. Stephen Chew, writes that there are 6 “superpowers” that are learned in a psychology degree. Psychology students are taught: how to learn effectively, manage stress and anxiety, become efficient with completing complex tasks, understand personality traits and differences in people, scientific literacy, and knowledge on biases and prejudices. All of these skills can be effectively applied to almost every aspect of life. Whether that be one’s professional life, family life, home life, social life, etc.

Now it’s time to focus on how YOU can get involved in psychology and achieve these superpowers. This upcoming Spring semester (2022), there will be a total of 11 psychology courses being offered! If you are new to the discipline and need an INQ260, consider taking INQ 260PY – Psyc of Agression. Or enroll in Psyc 101-Intro Psych, which will have multiple time slots. Intro Psyc will teach you the basics of psychology, and help you explore all of the different areas of study. If you have already taken the intro course, the department offers several courses on specific areas of the discipline including: developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, adolescent psychology, research methods, quantitative methods, history of psychology, psychology and the law, and research seminars in social development and neuroscience. There are also opportunities to get involved in research with professors!

If any of these opportunities sound interesting to you, reach out to one of the Psychology Department faculty and/or add one or more of the classes to your Spring schedule. You, too, can achieve the special superpowers of a psychology student!




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