Areas of Psychology

Roanoke College offers so many amazing psychology courses for their students. Anyone can find a topic that peaks their interest; from Intro to Psychology to Principles of Neuroscience we have it all!

Seven major perspectives of modern psychology

Want to learn all about memory, attention, language, and how we solve problems? If so, you should consider taking Cognitive Psychology. If you want to go further with these topics consider enrolling in Human Memory, 342 Learning, Creative Thinking and Problem- Solving, or Topics in Cognitive Psychology.

Developmental Psychology goes in depth about each life period- discussing cognitive abilities, social setting, work/school situations, health, common obstacles faced, etc . If one specific age range of this class interests you, you can dive deeper by enrolling in Child Development, Adolescent development, or Adult Development and Aging.

Social psychology focuses on relationships and interactions between people. Biological Psychology teaches us that the brain has an impact on our behavior, decision making, etc. This class discusses the research that has explained how different parts of the brain are responsible for different tasks.

Research Methods in Psychology gives students an understanding of how research is conducted, different types of studies, safety of participants, and examining the reliability and validity of a study.

Similar to a statistics class, Quantitative Methods in Psychology interprets data that measures behavior and uses computer programs to discover trends, standard error, median, mean, etc.

Clinical Psychology discusses the history of clinical psychology and the diagnosis of psychological disorders and how to treat them.

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