Introducing Dr. Wen Bu: A New Addition to Our Psychology Faculty

Dr. Wen Bu

Roanoke College is proud to welcome Dr. Wen Bu as a new addition to our esteemed psychology faculty! Dr. Bu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our academic community, making her a valuable asset to both students and colleagues.

Educational Journey

Dr. Bu’s academic journey is an impressive one, demonstrating her dedication to knowledge and her commitment to personal growth. She began her undergraduate studies at Furman University in South Carolina, where she pursued a double major in Political Science and Chemistry. This diverse academic background laid the foundation for her multidisciplinary approach to psychology.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Dr. Bu earned her Law Degree from Harvard in 2008. She gained valuable experience working as a clerk for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and later the O’Melveney & Myers Law Firm. However, she soon realized that her true passion lie elsewhere.

Driven by her deep interest in psychology, Dr. Bu decided to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, which she successfully completed in 2021. Her dissertation, guided by dual advisors Dr. Gene Borgida and Dr. Chris Federico, explored the intricate dynamics of racial and person of color identity and solidarity.

Postdoctoral Research

Following the completion of her Ph.D., Dr. Bu continued her academic journey with a postdoctoral position at Indiana University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Mary Murphy, she delved into the study of college students’ sense of belonging and the critical role that faculty and institutional mindset play in shaping the student experience.

Passion for Teaching

One of the compelling reasons Dr. Bu chose to join the Roanoke College community is her deep passion for teaching. She discovered her love for the classroom during her graduate studies and recognized that Roanoke’s small class sizes would provide her with the opportunity to truly engage with and support her students. Moreover, the proximity of Roanoke College to her hometown in Atlanta, Georgia, made this a perfect fit for her academic journey.

Diverse Interests

Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Bu is a multifaceted individual with a wide array of hobbies. She enjoys immersing herself in theater, singing in the choir, exploring the world of dungeons and dragons, mastering the art of knitting, and gliding gracefully in the ice skating rink.

Current Roles and Future Prospects

Currently, Dr. Bu is sharing her expertise with Roanoke College students by teaching PSYC 251 – Social Psychology and PSYC 204 – Quantitative Methods in Psychology. Her research interests span a wide spectrum, including intergroup relations, social identity, identity threat, stereotypes and prejudice, political psychology, and psychology in law.

While she is not currently accepting student research assistants, Dr. Bu has plans to engage students in her research endeavors starting in the spring of 2024, providing a valuable opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Roanoke College is privileged to have Dr. Wen Bu as a valuable member of our psychology faculty. Her diverse academic background, dedication to teaching, and passion for research make her a remarkable addition to our community. We look forward to the contributions she will make to the field of psychology and the positive impact she will have on our students’ academic journeys. Welcome, Dr. Bu!