We opened the suggestion box and here’s what you had to say:

“Put a trash can in the student lounge.” Done. Yay! I am glad we got one easy one.

“Add a forensic psychology class.” This is not the first time we have heard this request. We currently have two grads working the FBI and another interning with Homeland Security. Given the growing popularity of this subfield, we are looking into whether we add forensic psychology as a special topics course. We will talk to other interested disciplines and examine professor expertise and the current courses offered to see if it can fit. We also have to get approval from administration.

“Add a class on romantic relationships as people like to learn about themselves.” We have discussed adding classes on emerging adulthood (18-25) and romantic relationships. It is likely this will happen in the next few years as we are looking to expand the psychology faculty which will allow those of us with that expertise to teach these special topic courses. Of course, we have balance these classes with requirements so you can graduate!

“Demand more respect from other science departments.” We get it. Psychology is a science but is not always recognized or respected as such. We are proud of student and faculty accomplishments and are proud to note that we are to be included in the new science center complex. It is said that respect is earned, but we know stereotypes and preexisting biases make it hard to change opinions. We will continue to work hard and celebrate successes. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them!

“Add a minor in special education.” While we can cover special education topics in some of our classes, we are not an education department. The school has to meet certain accreditation standards and faculty have to have a certain expertise to teach specific classes. We can certainly talk about special education issues as they are relevant to learning, development, etc., but we are not the right department for starting a minor or concentration. Talking to education would a good start.

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Please note we are working hard to serve your needs and always want to hear your voice. We have certain limitations that we have to work inside of but if we don’t know what you want, we can’t even try to make it happen.