Spencer Munro set to finish summer-long Journey of Hope ride.

11063844_10154081984813989_3052889282999895110_nWe’ll let Spencer,BA in Psychology class of 2014, describe it himself: “Journey of Hope is a cross country cycling trip across three different routes that raise money and awareness for people with disabilities. This event is one of many hosted by Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy, The Ability Experience. I worked as the Logistics Coordinator for the South Route of Journey of Hope where I was in charge of organizing the entirety of the trip and overseeing the safety of the team of thirty-six. Daily, we would meet with organizations that worked with people with different ability backgrounds. These “friendship visits” would serve as not only our inspiration to continue on the trip after hard days but as opportunities for us to create amazing memories with equally amazing individuals.
My educational pursuit was fueled by my passion to find a career where I can serve others. My time at Roanoke College benefited me greatly with my post graduate internship with The Ability Experience. Firstly, my research skills that I got from seminar allowed me to research and recruit several new organizational sponsors allowing for dozens of new first time visits. Secondly, my understanding of physical and developmental disorders allowed me to educate the cyclists so we could gain a stronger empathy to the many individuals we met.
I wish I could explain just how exactly incredible this summer has been. Every day on this trip was filled with memories I’ll cherish forever. Seeing the smiles on the client’s faces during baseball games, karaoke sessions, pool parties and all of the other events made every hardship seem so insignificant. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity that was available to me because of my time at Roanoke College.”

We are proud of you, Spencer!