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These photos, taken by Gaby Ghosn, were a part of Dr. Nichols’s INQ 277 May term titled “Exploring Vision Through the Eye of the Lens”.

This class utilized the digital camera as both a metaphor for the human eye and as a tool to create photographic representations of principles of human vision.  Cameras and the human eye were compared and contrasted in order to better understand both. Mechanisms of human visual perception, such as color vision, depth perception, and motion perception, were discussed in lecture format and then assignments carried out wherein students take purposeful photographs to illuminate the discussion topics.  The idea is that application through photography of principles discussed in relation to human vision, i.e. how we sense and perceive the world, may give us a better understanding of how and why the human vision system works the way it does.  Photographic expeditions were done both around campus and as part of full day trips.