Seeking Research Assistants!


Professors in the Psych department are looking for lab research new members next semester!

Dr. Buchholz

His research and teaching interests include social psychology, evolutionary psychology, self, music, and complex systems theory. If you are interested in joining his lab, click the link below to apply and find out more info!

Dr. Gornick

Dr. Gornick’s research focuses on rhetoric in political, health and social-cultural context with an emphasis on Integrative Complexity.

If you are interested in joining her lab, go to link below to apply and get more info! You can also stop by LS 525 to pick up an application.

Dr. Freedman

Her research focuses on the processes and consequences of social rejection with a special focus on the point of view of rejectors. If you are interested in Dr. Freedman’s lab, email her at Click the link below to get more info!

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