Internship Opportunity with Foster Kids and Adoption Services

“DePaul Community Resources, a non-profit agency in Roanoke, is interested in working with Roanoke College students as interns.   They have different options, depending on the interests of students, and also location preferences.  Besides their Roanoke office, which focuses on foster care programs, they have an office in Christiansburg that focuses on adoption care, and an office in Lynchburg as well.    The Roanoke office is located on Hollins Rd, just off Plantation Rd, so it’s about 12-15 minutes from campus via I-81.
DePaul can have interns for academic credit or who just want the experience.  They do have evening and weekend meetings and events, as well as those during the regular work day.  Interns would participate with the full-time case workers with in-office visits, home visits, and training sessions.  She did say that the students need to have a real interest in this field, as they will be exposed to severe situations that they’re hearing about from children, and it’s not for everyone.  But it’s a good learning situation for one who thinks they want to work with children and youth in this way.   All students must have a background check, which their agency has completed and pays for.   
If you have serious interest in this placement for either summer and/or fall semester, please reply with your most updated resume (if you haven’t submitted it this semester already).  If you’re interested in academic credit, you also need to check with either Dr. Camac ( for Psychology or Professor Brogan ( for Sociology.  I hope you will consider this opportunity.  We are here and available to help you next week on documents, even if you’re not in town, via email and phone.”
– Toni McLawhorn