And the winners are…

Amy Markol won the trivia contest at the 2013 departmental reception. She answered all the questions correctly, which included identifying dated pictures of faculty, knowing which faculty eloped, and summing the combined years of service of Drs. Lynch, Pranzarone, and Early (96, if anyone is counting). DSC_1218

Blog Dedication


The Roanoke Psychology blog is dedicated to Dr. Curt Camac, former chair of the psychology department. Dr. Camac passed away on October 6, 2012. He was a full professor at the college. Curt was well loved by faculty and students alike and is responsible for the tremendous growth and well-being the department has experienced over the past decade. We hope to honor his memory by celebrating our successes and sharing our stories with you.

Dr. Camac’s obituary can be found here: If you would like to share your story about how Dr. Camac influenced you, please contact us.