Midterms approaching… are you prepared?

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The only thing scarier than Halloween this month is mid-terms. Have you started (even thinking) about studying yet? Whether you have a color-coded plan or this is the first time you’re realizing mid-terms are a thing, here are some tips and tricks to stay calm, stay smart, and ultimately ace your quickly approaching mid-terms week. Remember, you’ve got this!

Study Smarter

Have you ever really used the school’s academic resources? Please do! In addition to going to your professors’ office hours, students should check out the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning and Teaching, which is located in the Fintel Library and is the focal point for academic counseling and academic support on campus. The staff will assist you in identifying your academic strengths and weaknesses, designing an individual study program, and resolving your academic concerns. The Center coordinates academic advising for undeclared students, the Writing Center, the Subject Tutoring Program, the RC Success Program, and Accessible Education Services. Dr. Sue Brown directs the Academic Services. Dr Sandee McGlaun directs the Writing Center. Check out this site for instructions on how to make your own study schedule.

Mix Up Your Methods

We all know that awful feeling of sitting in your dorm room and staring at assignments for too long. It is exhausting and drain us of the little motivation we have left at this point during the semester. Try switching up your study location (the library, an open classroom, off-campus coffee shops, etc.) to add some variety into your routine.

If the way you’re studying is the problem, try using an online learning tool or asking a friend to quiz you so you get a break from reviewing your notes. In fact, ask a couple of friends if they would like to get together and set up a study session. You can work on similar tasks or completely different ones – but having someone else there may help keep you accountable for the work you’re meant to be doing.

Stay Calm

Feelings of anxiety and stress are almost unavoidable for college students as a busy week approaches, but there are plenty of things you can do for yourself that will help you remain calm and, ultimately, perform better. The main thing is to get some sleep. You might be tempted to pull an all-nighter, but a good night’s sleep is key to your success. An extra hour of sleep will take you wayyyy farther than an extra hour of cramming for an exam. Next, remind yourself that you can do this. You were smart enough to make it this far, and you are smart enough to make it through mid-terms. Remember to use your support network: friends, family, and faculty and staff are here to help you make it through stressful times.

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