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Tests and Measurement Students Present at Experential Learning Week

Students in Dr. Filer’s T&M course created their own instruments this semester. The group presenting here features sophomore, junior, and senior psychology majors – Lauren Kennedy, Jessica Gladfelter, Sam Reis, Brianna Griffith, and Sarah Ellison – who constructed a survey on group work. They plan to collect data this summer and next year to establish predictive validity and then pursue publication of their instrument with Dr. Filer.



Senior Psychology Major Student Presents at Experiental Learning Week

Julia Boudrye presents her research on the how smartphone use impacts work-life balance for students at the on-campus student-faculty research showcase. This project was conducted with Drs. Friedman (psychology) and Galluch (business) and will be presented at the national conference in Washington DC this May. Julia has worked with Dr. Friedman all four years as a research assistant through the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP). She has numerous regional and national presentations and is currently preparing this project for publication.



Senior Seminar Students Present at Experiential Learning Week

Dr. Friedman’s senior seminar students – James Seeyle, Allison Williams, and Allison Williams – present during the student-faculty research showcase portion of experiential learning week. Believe it or not, these seniors gave up part of their Friday night on alumni weekend to present the findings from their semester long project. That’s dedication!