Another March!


This time last year our lives were put on pause for three weeks. Little did we know, a year later, the COVID-19 pandemic would be as present as ever, and unfortunately, those active quarantine activities have turned, for many of us, to enjoying a little bit too much Netflix and various delicious snacks. Nonetheless, while a new March is upon us and many of us have experienced a year pass between with little to no change in our daily routine, during the last 12-months there have been some major accomplishments across our department and in psychology. That being said, we hope this blog helps lifts some spirits, create some laughs, and act as a friendly reminder that this is a fact a new March.

Roanoke College Psychology Department Highlights

In the spring of 2020, we had 37 students graduate from the psychology department, many of which completed an Honors in the major, went on to various graduate programs, have obtained jobs, and/or have continued contributing to the field through research and practice.

Many students have continued working through internships both in Roanoke and Salem, as well as in various other cities and states.

Six psychology students were inducted in Phi Beta Kappa.

Numerous students, alum, and faculty have published or prepared manuscripts and articles.

Eight students presented virtually at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference.

All students and faculty have found ways to stay connected, create cozy office spaces, and try new things to help adapt to the new normal that has been sprung upon us for the time being.

Psychology Highlights

The introduction of a new variable in research – with the COVID-19 pandemic came the opportunity to examine the effect of this major event on various aspects of research that may not have ever been addressed before.

Virtual events – while in-person events may be preferable, everyone lives busy and separate lives. Therefore, with the introduction to virtual conferences, virtual psychology meetings/forums, etc. comes the fact that more people can attend and not only contribute to the field of psychology, but also learn from all that is evolving within it.

Adaptability in practice – As all have experienced over the last year, the ways things used to “have to be done” have proven to be untrue! Whether it be in clinical assessment, research, application, counseling, therapy, teaching, etc. many aspects of psychology that used to rely on the in-person nature to run, have adapted to online/virtual formats, opening the field to future opportunities to adapt and successfully reach those that may require an online format to succeed.

As evidenced by this blog, while the last 12-months may have been a bit of a blur for many, there have been accomplishments throughout our psychology department and the field as a whole, something that should leave all proud!

While it may be shocking that March has re-arrived, just know you’re not alone. With that, have a laugh at some ways others have depicted the return of March, and let us all look forward to the new accomplishments and successes that will fill our department and field over the coming months!

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