Summer Internship Opportunity: Camp Starfish

Looking for ways to get more involved this summer? Or looking to build your resume/CV and experience? Then check out Camp Starfish!

Camp Starfish fosters the success and growth of children with emotional, behavioral, and learning problems by providing individualized attention as part of structured, nurturing, and fun group programs.

You may be thinking, well why should I work at Camp Starfish? Working at Camp Starfish

  • Allows for the development of transferable skills in supporting children with emotional, behavioral, and learning troubles
  • Offers the ability to participate in a paid internship to earn course credit and develop professional skills
  • Will receive a salary that includes: room and board, weekly laundry service, paid time off, and a travel stipend for far-traveling staff
  • Offers transportation to/from Boston
  • Will experience networking opportunities with current/past Starfish staff
  • Will receive hands-on training and professional development
  • Offers a chance to work with a diverse group of young people from around the world, and make lifelong friends

If you are interested in learning more about interning/working at Camp Starfish this summer contact Jessica Eades at (719) 640-9773 or, as well as if you have further questions contact their staffing team at (978) 637-2617 or

Moreover, follow their Instagram @campstarfishstaff and check out their website for more information and to apply today!

Learn more about completing an internship for credit at Roanoke College by going to our webpage or by contacting Dr. FVN at




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