Finish the Semester Strong!!!!

When you should study and helpful tips ?

  • try to study at least a week before your exam
  • it is best to study each day for a shorter amount of time than to cram the night before
  • if your professor has not posted a study guide: begin reviewing your notes and old quizzes
  • study smarter not harder.. set an alarm for how long you are going to study and do not check your phone during that time (put on airplane mode)
  • study with someone in your class
  • truly test yourself- ask yourself questions and answer them without notes in front of you
  • writing out notes seems to be more effective in remembering information than typing


Take Care of Yourself

  • make sure to get enough sleep (ideally 8 hours)
  • eat a good meal before an exam
  • exercise can help reduce stress and is a good study break
  • keep your room and desk clean and tidy , there is the saying “Cluttered desk means cluttered mind” for a reason
  • and remember these tests do not define you!
  • Study hard and then relax on winter break 🙂

Good Luck !