Roanoke Faculty and Alumnus at The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) 2023 Annual Conference

The psychology department is excited to share a glimpse into a recent conference experience that not only showcased a depth of academic exploration but also highlighted the power of collaboration and shared passion. This year Dr. Powell presented the work of herself and co-authors, Dr. FVN, and Kosovare Fetinci (’23) at the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) 2023 Annual Conference in Florida. She also presented a second research poster with Dr. Mayer (sport management), and their son!

The above image displays on a remarkable poster featuring Dr. Powell and co-authors, Dr. FVN and, Roanoke alum, Kosovare Fetinci (’23). The collaborative effort was rooted in Kosovare’s senior independent study project, a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm that students bring to their academic endeavors. The title of the project was “Friendship Dissolutions in Emerging Adulthood: Differing Reactions Based on Type and Role in Dissolution”.

A second presentation by Dr. Powell was a joint effort with Dr. Mayer, a dynamic combination of expertise that undoubtedly brought a unique perspective to the conference. What’s even more special is that their son joined in on the presentation, turning it into a family affair! This research was titled “Parental Leave Options For Professional Athletes: Negative Media Reactions May Not Be Reality of Fans’ Attitudes”

The great positive feedback received from fellow conference attendees is a testament to the quality and impact of their work. It’s always gratifying when your efforts are not only recognized but also appreciated by your peers. The exchange of ideas and the validation of hard work create an inspiring environment that fuels further academic exploration. Conferences are a great way to expand your knowledge and share your research!

In addition the two noted presentations, Morgan Hamilton’s (Roanoke alum, ’21) oral presentation based on her master’s thesis was also a great success. Titled “Now I understand who I am and where I came from: The tribal reunification of indigenous fostered/adopted relatives,” Morgan’s presentation delved into a crucial and often overlooked aspect of identity and belonging. Congratulations Morgan – you are absolutely representing the Roanoke psychology department well!

As we reflect on these academic triumphs, let us celebrate the dedication, passion, and collaborative spirit that drive the pursuit of knowledge. To all the authors and presenters of the NCFR conference, congratulations!

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