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Dr. Powell’s lab goes conferencing

Dr. Powell and members of her research lab traveled to two conferences in early April – the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) biennial conference in Baltimore, MD and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Asheville, NC. At SRA, the students presented posters based on their own projects or secondary analysis of prior studies. At NCUR, Amy Conner and Tessa Pleban gave their first scholarly, oral presentations!

All presentations were well received by their audiences! Way to go, ladies =)

Congratulations to Stephanie Gaines – Psi Chi Research Grant Awardee!

Stephanie Gaines with her  advisor, Dr. Powell
Stephanie Gaines with her advisor, Dr. Powell

Ms. Stephanie Gaines, a junior at Roanoke College,
has been named as one of the recipients of the
Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Grant!

Her independent study project was conducted to gather information on emerging adults’ anticipated self-efficacy regarding future roles. The aims were two-fold. First, to replicate the previous research on transitional roles such as getting married or becoming a parent. Second, to expand the research on gradual roles such as becoming financially independent and managing one’s own healthcare.  She was particularly interested in how emerging adults’ current self-efficacy, mastery and vicarious experiences, as well as subjective norms were associated with their anticipated self-efficacy for adult roles. Participants were recruited from Roanoke College Psychology classes, the larger student body, and from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Analyses are currently underway.

Congratulations, Stephanie!
We look forward to seeing your results. Keep up the great work!